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Taskmaster VR release date estimate, trailer, and gameplay

Take Greg on in a series of wacky challenges, here’s when we think the Taskmaster VR release date will be, as well as the latest trailer.

Taskmaster VR: two men sit on thrones.

When is the Taskmaster VR release date? We all know it, love it, and wish we could participate in it. The Taskmaster house is a place of nightmares and hilarity, as celebrities compete against each other for the ultimate prize: a golden Greg Davies statue. Well, now you can, too, with the upcoming Taskmaster VR game.

The VR game will pit you against the Taskmaster himself, Greg Davies. Partnered with Alex Horne, you’ll pop, throw, and splat your way through levels inspired by the UK TV show. As lovers of the show, and of VR, we can’t think of a better combination than this. Here’s what we know about Taskmaster VR, including our release date estimate, a teaser trailer, and what we know about the gameplay so far.

Taskmaster VR: a living room, with a bunch of cut watermelon.

Taskmaster VR release date estimate

The Taskmaster VR release date is sometime in 2024, but there is no set date just yet. Judging from the well-put-together trailer, the game looks to be in a late stage of development. We estimate that Taskmaster will be released in early 2024, perhaps around the beginning of the new fiscal year in April.

Taskmaster VR will launch on SteamVR and the Quest store, but the developer has stated that it’s always looking for other platforms to release on. Taskmaster VR is, unsurprisingly, a VR game, so you’ll need one of the above platforms and a compatible VR headset if you want to play.

The VR game will take place in a recreated version of the Taskmaster TV show, meaning that diehard fans will be able to notice elements of the house from the series. Greg Davies and Alex Horne will be reprising their roles in the VR game, adding another layer of authenticity to the experience.

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Taskmaster VR trailer and gameplay

The trailer sets the scene perfectly for the chaos that ensues; the Taskmaster maniacally types away at his keyboard, coming up with new and inventive ways to test, and torture, the contestants.

The trailer then shows off many of the challenges you’ll face, which include, but are not limited to: remote control shopping cart bowling, egg balancing, bubble popping, and some kind of cookie-like puzzle we can’t quite get our heads around. There’s a sequence where a puppet of the Taskmaster is stuffed inside a pinata before a firework is set off in its direction. So, you know, that’s fun.

As you’re put in the shoes of a contestant on the show, you’ll have to jump through all the hoops (literally?) that they would. This presumably means you’ll also be forced to sit in the studio while Greg Davies gives you the roast of your life.

That’s everything we know about Taskmaster VR right now – if you’re itching to play something challenging in the meantime, we have the best puzzle games right here, and if you want to get your buddies involved, check out the best co-op games here.