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Stardew Valley style business sim Tavern Keeper comes to PC this year

Tavern Keeper is expected to launch in early access later this year, bringing cozy Stardew Valley inspired gameplay and rat skewers to PC.

Tavern Keeper early access release: An ogre and a human eating dinner in Tavern Keeper

If you’ve ever dreamed of leaving your hectic life behind and running a countryside tavern in a world full of ogres and walking skeletons (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?), this charming business management sim is ready to whisk you away. With cozy vibes, loads of stories to discover, and the ability to decorate to your heart’s content, Tavern Keeper looks like it’ll give games such as Stardew Valley and Disney Dreamlight Valley a serious run for their money.

Billed as a “business management simulation, a creative decoration sandbox, and a bite-sized interactive storybook” all in one game, Tavern Keeper is certainly setting its sights high. Throw in some lovely cel-shaded visuals and locations reminiscent of The Shire from The Lord of the Rings, and I’m ready for this life game to take over my free time.

Like other business management sims, you’ll take control of every part of your tavern’s journey, from the decorations that line the walls to the staff you employ. Customers will have needs and desires, and you’ll be able to fulfill them by serving up pints of frothy beer and meals made with mushrooms and swamp rats. It’s not all gourmet delights, though. The game’s trailer ends with the shadow of a giant dragon flying overhead, which will no doubt cause trouble for your burgeoning business.

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Tavern Keeper comes from Greenheart Games, the Australian indie developer behind the quirky Game Dev Tycoon. We named that one of the best tycoon games on PC, so I’ve got high hopes for their new release. Tavern Keeper is expected to launch for PC on Steam in early access in Q4 2024. You can add it to your wishlist here.

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