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Dead Cells meets the X-Men in this Steam roguelike with billionaires

Tax-Force is a new platforming roguelike coming to Steam where you fight your way to mutant billionaires to make sure they pay taxes, and it looks great.

I love roguelike games, so when Tax-Force came across my desk (or email inbox, I should say) I was very excited. Tax-Force looks great, has a unique hook, can only be described as Dead Cells meets X-Men, and you can check it out below.

It’s not every day that you come across an action platformer with roguelike elements that’s all about hunting down billionaire mutant tax evaders, but when you do it’s safe to say that it’s a good day.

This is the elevator pitch for Tax-Force, which is a melee combat platformer where you take up the role of a Judge Dredd-looking special agent called a Treasurer who’s tasked with hunting down said billionaires. It’s also got the bright colors and style of a ‘90s X-Men comic, and a trailer that needs to be seen to be believed.

YouTube Thumbnail

You’ve got some mutant powers in Tax-Force, with one activating a time loop every time you die. This takes you back to the start of a seven-day run but lets you keep the knowledge and choices you made along the way.

These choices range from shutting down, investing in, or limiting the tax-evading billionaires, to how you choose to reinvest the taxes you get back into the economy.

According to developer Outsider Games, this will impact things like “Price and potency of healing responds to public or private investment in healthcare,” As “weapons and criminal activity adjust as you increase defense spend, while new bridges and paths appear as you invest in infrastructure.”

Tax-Force currently has no release date, but you can check out more screenshots and information about the game while wishlisting it on Steam, which will notify you whenever there’s major news.

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