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Team Fortress 2 is heading to the jungle with its new update, out this week

Jungle Inferno Update

The next Team Fortress 2 update, Jungle Inferno, finally arrives this week. The four-day update brings a bunch of balance changes, six new maps, and an update to the old competitive system.

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There’s also a new TF2 short, handily also named Jungle Inferno, which sees the Red and Blue teams travel to the tropics, where they meet the legendary Saxton Hale in his Yeti Park, which is definitely not a spin-off of Jurassic Park.

The six new maps include one map made by Valve, which will be based on the Yeti Park you can see in the video above, and five community-made maps, which cover several of TF2’s game modes.

There’ll also be several balance changes, which Valve have been working on for a few months. These are primarily based on high-level feedback, and have a significant focus on Scout and Spy, although nearly every class is getting a touch-up. There are also hints as to Pyro getting some sort of jetpack-based weapon. A brief clip at the end of the Jungle Inferno video briefly shows the character flying around the map.