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German players can now play uncensored versions of Counter-Strike: Source, Half-Life 2

Team Fortress 2

Update, January 12, 2018: Counter-Strike: Source and Half-Life 2 have also had their violence restrictions removed in Germany.

Following the removal of censorship from Team Fortress 2 last month, Counter-Strike: Source and Half-Life 2 have also lost their low-violence flags on the German Steam store.

It might be more than ten years old, but Team Fortress 2 has plenty of life left in it.

According to a comprehensive Reddit post, the update means that the only remaining censorships apply to the two Left 4 Dead games. L4D1 is indexed, meaning the rules that apply to it are similar to those that currently apply to Half-Life, but Valve are apparently able to apply for early re-evaluation.

L4D2 is in a more complicated state. The Reddit post states that “the uncensored version is literally banned and confiscated,” although owning or playing it is not illegal. While a re-evaluation is relatively inexpensive, appealing a ban is a more time-consuming and expensive process, which would require Valve to hire a German lawyer.

If you want advice on how to access the games without their low-violence flags, that post is a good place to start. It also explains the various legal states a variety of previously-censored Valve games are currently in.

Original story, December 14, 2017:German players should now be able to play an uncensored version of Team Fortress 2. Players in Germany were forced to play a low-violence version of Valve’s FPS due to the country’s censorship of The Orange Box.

The violence in Team Fortress 2 is so slapstick that I’m surprised anyone ever felt the need to censor it. But to Valve’s credit, the found a characterful workaround. Team Fortress 2’s ‘sillygibs’ saw foes explode in a shower of what appears to be mustard and spare car parts. You can take a look at what that looks like in the video below.

Now that Valve’s 2007 game-changer The Orange Box, which included Portal and Half-Life 2 alongside TF2, is no longer censored in Germany, players who were hoping for a (slightly) more authentic experience can finally turn sillygibs off. All you need to do is open a Steam Support ticket, and ask Valve to remove the low-violence flag from your account, and you should be able to bathe happily in the blood of your enemies.