Never mind DDR5, Teamgroup’s new DDR4 RAM kit has a mammoth 256GB capacity

It won't come cheap though

Four sticks of Teamgroup RGB RAM inside a motherboard

While nothing more than 32GB is really necessary when picking up a set of the best gaming RAM, Teamgroup’s new offering gives you much more. Its T-Force Xtreem ARGB DDR4 kit announced at Computex overshadows the capacity of all our recommended kits, with a whopping 256GB.

Combining eight 32GB modules running at 3,600MHz, you’ll need a big enough motherboard to be able to run it. It’s not aimed at gaming or helping you deal with Google Chrome, however, but those of you running a high-end Intel X-series or AMD Ryzen Threadripper rig with memory-heavy workloads, such as video and photo editing. This means you probably won’t see it inside the best gaming PCs, but there’s still RGB lighting that works well with the mirror finish of the modules.

There’s no word on pricing, but you can expect the MSRP of this kit to be dearer than the best graphics card. A 64GB version of the same model already costs $359.99, so we can only imagine that the price of this new set will stretch into four figures.

The release of DDR5 will soon blow this capacity out of the water, with the possibility of 128GB per DIMM slot allowing up to 512GB of RAM on an eight DIMM slot motherboard.