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This new super-fast SSD beats any drive from Corsair and Crucial

TeamGroup T-Force GE Pro could be the fastest SSD ever for desktop PCs, using the PCIe 5 interface to hit a massive sequential read speed.

TeamGroup T-Force GE Pro PCIe 5 SSD

Memory maker TeamGroup has just launched a new super-fast PCIe 5 SSD, which the company claims is quicker than the best efforts so far from Corsair and Crucial. The new TeamGroup T-Force GE Pro could well take the fastest SSD title when it’s released later this year, with TeamGroup claiming it can hit an incredible read speed of 14,000MB/s (megabytes per second).

That’s the only performance data TeamGroup has revealed so far, but it puts the T-Force GE Pro in good stead to be one of the best gaming SSD options. To put that figure into perspective, the top-end Corsair MP700 Pro SSD peaks at a sequential read speed of 11,700MB/s, while the Crucial T700 Pro hits a maximum speed of 12,400MB/s.

TeamGroup isn’t the only company that’s claimed to be able to hit this figure recently, though. MSI makes the same claim for the Spatium M580 drive that it showed off at CES this year, and this drive also had a closed-loop liquid cooler attached to it, making it stand several inches tall.

We can only assume that the T-Force GE Pro is going to need a similar level of cooling when it’s running at full speed. The label doubles as a very thin graphene heatsink, but this drive will need active cooling on top of this label if it sustains these kinds of speeds.

TeamGroup’s new flagship SSD is based on a new multi-core controller built on a 12nm manufacturing process, called the InnoGrit IG5666. This is paired with Micron NAND flash memory that runs at up to 2,400MT/s – that’s the same effective frequency as the memory on low-end DDR4 modules.

According to TeamGroup, the new T-Force GE Pro is also capable of adjusting its performance and power draw based on the reading from an internal temperature sensor, with several power modes available to prevent the drive from overheating. TeamGroup has plenty of cooling options available already, though, including an AIO SSD cooler with a 120mm fan, called the Siren GD120S.

The TeamGroup T-Force GE Pro release date is Friday, February 9, 2024 for pre-orders, and the drive will be available in 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB capacities. In the meantime, check out our guide to the best SSD if you’re looking to upgrade your PC’s storage.