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Lead a Scottish army into battle in this new hack-and-slash roguelike

Tears of Metal has just been unveiled, putting a Scottish spin on the roguelike genre. And there’s violence, lots of glorious violence.

Lead a Scottish army into battle in this new hack-and-slash roguelike: A character from Tears of Metal looks slightly annoyed.

It’s always the way. You’re minding your own business in Scotland, living your best life, when a colossal meteor slams down into your island. Typical. In Tears of Metal, a newly announced co-op hack-and-slash roguelike, that’s exactly what happens, and to make things worse a colossal army has turned up too. So you’ll have to grab your weapons, tool up, and get fighting.

Tears of Metal revolves around a simple quest; you want your island back. Your people are under attack by hordes of foes, so you’ll have to band together and show them what for while figuring out what exactly this giant meteor’s all about. Combining several different genres into one, this co-op roguelike hack-and-slash game puts a neat Caledonian twist on things to make something entirely unique.

Thankfully, the stuff that’s been unleashed which is empowering your foes, can also be used to grant you and your troops extra powers on the battlefield. In Tears of Metal you’ll mow down tons of foes, grab loot, power up, buy upgrades, then do it all again. You’ll have to be careful, however, as while your troops will keep their bonuses between campaigns, if they fall on the battlefield you’ll have no choice but to get green recruits to fill your ranks.

Of course it’s not all fighting, you have a settlement to build and maintain too. Between campaigns you can buy upgrades and build new shops in order to gain access to more powers, weapons, and troops. Fully playable in both co-op and solo modes, Tears of Metal lets you invite friends to join your fight against evil. Or you can just do it by yourself.

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Tears of Metal has no release date just yet but you can head over to Steam to add it to your wishlist.

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