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Riot are making ‘Teemo’s Adventure’, focused on the League of Legends champion

teemos adventure riot new game

We’ve been hearing rumblings for ages about a second game from League of Legends developers Riot Games, and a new entry fresh off a list of games approved for sale in China suggests that game will be called ‘Teemo’s Adventure.’

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As Asian games market analyst Daniel Ahmad translates, the game is listed as a joint venture between Riot and Tencent as developer and publisher. It’s listed as PC game only. This all comes from the GPC approved games list, and the appearance here suggests we’ll hear something official before too long.

Teemo is a League of Legends champion, and one with a fair bit of notoriety among LoL players for his dangerous damage output alongside a low barrier to play him effectively. We’ve known Riot’s had a new project in the works for some time, and their subsidiary Radiant Entertainment has mentioned they’ve got something to announce “when the time is right.”