Miguel joins the Tekken 7 roster, bringing that Antonio Banderas swagger

Tekken 7 Miguel

Spaniard fighter Miguel has joined the Tekken 7 roster. He has a great jacket and is good at the punching, and the kicking. He’s going to do both of those things a lot, too, until he find the person responsible for his sister’s death. 

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Miguel has a bit of a weird relationship with his sister, you see. He even considered killing her lover at one point, in case he was a danger to her. Calm down, Miguel, you’re embarrasing yourself.

His fighting style is unorthodox and self-trained, with Miguel using his brawn to brute force through encounters. You can see him juggling Jin Kazama in the video above.

You may also notice that either he doesn’t know how to talk, or someone made a typo when subtitling his voice lines in the trailer. “Looks like you are about to loose,” he says towards the end. Okay, mate. Okay.

As for other news, we recently found out that Tekken 7 won’t support cross-play, partially due to fear of PC cheats spoiling it for console gamers.

Tekken 7 is due out early 2017.