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The Final Fantasy character we want in Tekken 8 isn’t coming, yet

The Final Fantasy 7 character we'd love to see added to Tekken 8 isn't on the cards yet, says Katsuhiro Harada, but he doesn't rule it out.

The Final Fantasy character we want in Tekken 8 isn't coming, yet:A pretty anime girl with flowing blue hair grimaces into the camera, raising her gloved fists wearing a white tank top

Final Fantasy is everywhere. There’s the divisive Apex Legends collab, the cutest FF14 Fall Guys crossover – every game out there feels like it’s getting the FF treatment (which isn’t a complaint, by the way). Tekken 7 also saw a crossover with Square Enix’s ever-evolving franchise, with Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis being added as the fighting game’s third DLC character. The one FF character we all want to see in Tekken 8, however, isn’t on the cards – at least, not yet.

Now there are a lot of iconic Final Fantasy characters – from Cloud and Sephiroth to FF16’s Clive and Torgal, then FF14’s Y’shtola and Alphinaud; the world Square Enix has created is bursting with lovable heroes and heroines. But there’s one character players want to see in Tekken 8, and the fighting game‘s director, Katsuhiro Harada, has the answers.

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Responding to a tweet from Harada showing Tekken 8 and Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth sharing a booth at the 2024 iteration of the Taipei Game Show, one player writes “Tifa Lockhart would be absolutely incredible if she made it into Tekken 8 this time Harada-San!”

And they’re not alone; a whole slew of comments ask whether or not the FF7 protagonist will make it into Tekken 8, which is likely what prompted Harada to reply on Friday January 26.

“We all know she is attractive and I understand that. But as yet we have not decided anything about guest characters etc.” My (lock)heart might be broken, but he doesn’t rule adding Tifa out either, so fingers crossed.

A comment from Tekken 8's Katsuhiro Harada discussing adding Final Fantasy 7's Tifa Lockhart to Tekken

Our Tekken 8 review gives the latest installment in Bandai’s saga a glowing 9/10, praising its graphical enhancements and content-filled base-game. But, I’m pretty sure that Christian would agree that having Tifa as a DLC fighter would only make the game better – if you never hear from this writer again, you’ll know he didn’t.

But come on! I love the idea of getting up close and personal with her claws and going all Wolverine on my opponents. I always ran the Dragon Claws as a kid (Premium Heart was better, I know, but tell my younger self that) and now I want to see them in all their glory.

Once you’ve given our review a read and inevitably convinced yourself to pick up Bandai’s new brawler, make sure you check out our rundown of the current Tekken 8 roster so that you’re off to a flying start. Or, if you’re feeling competitive and only want the best of the best, we have a Tekken 8 tier list, too.

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