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Steam MMO drops all microtransactions after dev and players clash

Steam MMO TemTem is removing all premium microtransactions and ending major updates, after the dev and players clash over expectations.

TemTem removes microtransactions: an orange shark creature

Palworld and Pokemon-like MMO TemTem is removing all premium microtransactions and winding down feature-filled patches, developer Crema has announced. This comes as part of a massive statement to the community, following a clear divide between what players expected from the game, and what Crema planned on delivering before moving on to other projects in the TemTem universe.

In a lengthy TemTem update post, developer Crema outlines how the Steam game’s microtransactions, which include a cosmetic battle pass called the Tamer Pass and separate purchasable cosmetics, will no longer be purchased in the multiplayer game using real money.

“We understand the monetization system on Temtem was deemed out of place for a lot of players, with our game not following the traditional rules of a live-service game,” Crema writes. “We want to reassure you once again that no content was robbed from Temtem by having this MTX system in place, but we do understand that the displeasure goes beyond this, and have come to understand your position on Temtem having microtransactions as it drifts further from a live-service game. For this, we sincerely apologize.”

As of TemTem update 1.7, scheduled for release in early June, all of the microtransactions will be pulled from the game alongside the premium currency Novas. Novas players already own can be spent on cosmetics, with post-game currency Feathers also then usable to buy everything that was previously purchasable with Novas.

The microtransactions will be removed with update 1.7, while update 1.8 will let players go back and complete any Tamer Pass they want, unlock premium tracks in Tamer Passes with Feathers, and switch passes at any time.

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The core divide between Crema and its players stems from how both see TemTem very differently. A cursory glance at the game’s subreddit and recent negative Steam reviews show how players were expecting more steady content for TemTem alongside improvements, while Crema thinks improvements to the game and the overall brand will come if the team moves on to other projects.

In fact, Crema CEO Enrique Paños said in a previous statement to players after the announcement of Vampire Survivors-like spinoff TemTem Swarm, “If you really want [the] Temtem franchise to live on and more games to be made, be it spinoffs or Temtem 2, what you would really ask for is for us to stop improving Temtem 1 and start working on something new. As of now, we are improving Temtem 1 just for you, even if it never seems enough.”

TemTem removes microtransactions: Steam statement from Crema

Crema adds in its new statement that it is winding down TemTem updates, saying that 1.8 will “be the last feature-filled patch of the usual size” and won’t have a Tamer Pass or seasonal content. Crema will still patch and bug fix TemTem, but the usual content drops will come to an end.

With Crema seemingly wanting to move on to spinoffs and sequels, much of the playerbase wants to see the original TemTem improved instead. With the MMO-lite game having live-service cosmetics and battle passes baked in, many players likely expected to see TemTem continuing to grow and go from strength to strength, but Crema has a very different idea.

You can read Crema’s full statement, which also goes into how TemTem was initially labeled as an MMO, a potential TemTem 2, and more right here.

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