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This Palworld competitor is getting a Vampire Survivors like spinoff

A brand new spinoff of MMORPG TemTem is on the way in TemTem Swarm, as the co-op Vampire Survivors like game is coming soon to Steam.

TemTem Swarm Steam: a blue bipedal duck with a giant bill, looking upwards

With Palworld taking the monster-catching genre by storm MMORPG TemTem is back with a vengeance, and this time around it’s launching a spin-off to compete with games like Vampire Survivors. This is TemTem Swarm, which wants to take the Steam MMO to new bullet-heaven heights.

TemTem Swarm has been built with three-player online co-op in mind, as you and your friends will fight and level your Tems to help them evolve. The co-op game will task you with using the Tems’ existing unique traits and abilities to help you find your playstyle, letting you chain together powerful synergies, catch a variety of Tems, and level up your builds as you go.

The online co-op also has what’s called Ghost Mode, where you can help your teammates after you fall in battle until they revive you. I love this feature because the last thing any of us want to do in co-op with friends is sit there and wait until we can join in again.

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This isn’t the first standalone TemTem spinoff either, as TemTem Showdown came to Steam as a free download before it was later removed from Valve’s platform due to poor performance. Showdown still available within the MMO as a PvP mode, but you just can’t play it as a separate game on Steam anymore.

You can learn even more about TemTem Swarm and wishlist it here, with no release date set just yet. It’s coming to both Steam and Steam Deck, so you’ll be able to play it on the go.

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