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Huge XCOM modder’s strategy game finally coming to Game Pass

If you love the strategic gameplay and sci-fi vibe of XCOM, this huge Steam strategy game is coming to Xbox Game Pass very, very soon.

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Aliens are coming. Earth is fragmented. Humanity’s future hangs by a thread. This is Terra Invicta, a Steam strategy game from the creators of XCOM’s Long War mod. Blending pure strategy with stunning intergalactic vistas and ruthless geopolitics, Terra Invicta sits at a resounding ‘very positive’ on Steam, but if you’re not looking to splash the cash just yet, it’s coming to Game Pass very, very soon – gear up, war lurks on the horizon.

As UFOs begin to crash on earth and mutated alien fauna begins to develop, you’ll have to choose between Terra Invicta‘s six different factions – all of which are vying for control of the planet. Where other strategy games focus on deploying obedient armies and securing your own slice of paradise, the battle isn’t just against the aliens – it’s against your own people, too.

Go in guns blazing as Humanity First, a faction dedicated to eradicating any and all aliens – and their sympathizers. Or, kick off Project Exodus and build a big ol’ starship to get yourself the heck out of dodge. My personal favorite, however, is The Initiative, who just want to profit from the chaos and, in turn, cause more of it. What can I say? I’m a menace.

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While you can currently pick up Terra Invicta in early access form on Steam for 30% off, bringing it down to $27.99 / £24.49 until Thursday March 21, if you’re looking to save some cash, I have good news for you.

Publisher Hooded Horse has confirmed that Terra Invicta will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on Tuesday, March 26. It joins the absolutely stellar Against the Storm (which we describe as “a near-perfect roguelike strategy game” in our Against the Storm review), with Steam behemoth Manor Lords set to follow in its tracks. It’s a good year to be a strategy fan, that’s for sure.

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