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New medieval city builder wishlisted two million times on Steam

Manor Lords, which has you building, running and growing your own middle-age settlement, is now Steam's second most wishlisted game.

A top down view of a snowy, medieval village.

Ever wanted to lord it over a small medieval settlement, hoping your subjects don’t storm into your home and murder you? Upcoming city builder Manor Lords offers just that opportunity, and it’s proven so popular it’s the second most wishlisted game on Steam.

Manor Lords, solo developer Slavic Magic’s city building game, probably won’t have your citizens murdering you in your sleep – that may be a little too Game of Thrones. But as those who tackled the game’s Steam Next Fest demo discovered, there are plenty of other trials to cope with.

As the lord of a medieval settlement, you’re tasked with turning it from a collection of meager huts into an imposing town. You’ll have to fend off enemy lords, shepherd your settlers through some bitterly cold winters, and much, much more.

I missed out on the demo, which I could kick myself for, but it was very well received. In particular, players praised it for its depth and I have my fingers crossed the final game delivers. I’ve already got my Roose Bolton cosplay costume on order.

Now, thanks in part to that demo, Manor Lords has been wishlisted by a over two million players, making it the second most wishlisted game on Steam. And while it hasn’t bested Hades 2, it’s beaten out Stalker 2, Hollow Knight: Silksong, and Palworld, which is quite an achievement.

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Developer Greg Styczeń is, as you might expect, overjoyed by the news. “My girlfriend said she expected me to get 7,000 wishlists,” he remarks. “I was more optimistic and said it would be more like 14,000 and that would be awesome. Suffice to say, I did not expect the game to pick up so much interest and hit over 2 million.” So, no pressure there.

Manor Lords arrives on Steam April 26 2024 and will also land on Game Pass that same day. You can wishlist it on Steam and if you’re looking for something to play in the meantime, here are the best medieval games and the best management games.

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