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Get this new building, farming, and RPG mash up on discount right now

Channeling Sea of Stars' throwback visual style and combat with Stardew Valley's crafting, Terra Memoria is out now on Steam with a discount.

New Steam building and RPG game mash-up launches with discount: A group of cartoon people and animals standing around a bonfire.

Terra Memoria certainly has an eye-catching look. The newly launched game from (the presumably condiment loving) French indie studio La Moutarde combines a detailed pixel-art style that brings Sea of Stars to mind with 3D models to create an effect similar to ’90s JRPGs. Luckily, there seems to be substance to go along with this style, Terra Memoria offering up both relaxed, Stardew Valley-style building and crafting with flashy turn-based combat. It’s also out now on Steam and, even better, has launched with a limited time discount.

The building game is set in a fantasy world where a party of six adventurers has been forced to deal with the threats posed by ancient robots and a shortage of valuable magic crystals. The world of Terra Memoria is rendered in warm, autumnal tones, which makes the prospect of journeying through its setting and unravelling its mysteries pretty inviting.

Along the way, players will need to craft and build in order to set up a village, create items, and solve puzzles. They’ll also get into fights that play out through turn-based combat that resembles a classic Square JRPG and, as the trailer shows, take part in a cooking minigame that results in character buffs (and very detailed illustrations of food).

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Terra Memoria is out now on Steam, and discounted by 15% ($16.99 / £14.23) from now until April 3. Grab a copy right here.

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