Grab a free Steam key for new Valheim meets Satisfactory survival game

Terratech Worlds is a bold and beautiful survival base-building game, and you could win a code to play beyond the Steam Next Fest demo.

Several vehicles on a hill overlooking an alien planet.

If you’re a fan of games like Minecraft, Satisfactory, Valheim, Rust, Astroneer, Subnautica, or even Sons of the Forest, then Terratech Worlds should be on your radar. Due for release later this year, the survival game takes aspects of those aforementioned games, places you on a strange and beautiful alien planet, and leaves you to your own devices. Survive, mine, craft, build, hunt – all to stay alive within an alien environment.

If that sounds like something you’re into, then we’re giving you a chance to be among the first to see beyond the upcoming space game‘s Next Fest demo via a larger Terratech Worlds playtest version.

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Developer Payload Studios has given us ten codes for the playtest build, and winning one grants you early access to the game right up until its launch later this year.

During this playtest, you can be among the first to fully explore the massive open world and its glorious and varied biomes, from lush grass plains to dry deserts and glittering coasts, as you gather resources to build your space base. Build, control, and upgrade rovers and use them to safely traverse the land, discovering precious resources essential to your own survival, and – of course – fit them with weapons to take down dangerous enemies. The more you explore, the more advanced machinery you can build, and the more unbreakable your defenses will become.

PCGN – TerraTech Worlds giveaway

We should mention that, as this is an internal playtest build of Terratech Worlds, it’ll regularly undergo testing and updates, and it likely won’t be bug-free. The Steam codes also aren’t permanent, as your access will expire with the game’s full launch. That said, this is a neat opportunity to get involved in the game before its release and claim front-row seats for what’s shaping up to be a must-play survival game.

Enter the competition above before February 13, 2024 to be in with a chance to win a playtest Steam code. If you don’t win, you can always take the demo for a spin, and there are plenty of other upcoming games to get excited about, too, as well as future competitions to get involved in. To try out some more incoming hits, check out our rundown of the best Steam Next Fest demos to download right now.