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Sequel to popular 9/10 open-world sandbox survival game lands on Steam

Terratech Worlds has launched on Steam in early acess as an open-world PvE survival game where players pilot customized vehicles to explore.

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Terratech Worlds has finally hit Steam in early access form. The long-awaited open-world survival game is finally available for fans of similar games like Minecraft, Rust, and Valheim to jump into, but unlike its contemporaries, Terratech Worlds offers its own interesting twist on the previously mentioned titles. Terratech focuses on exploring a colorful alien planet in a customizable vehicle with gameplay focused on crafting, base building, and cooperative gameplay.

Space games are a subgenre that grows seemingly larger by the day, each title with its own interesting spin on how space plays a factor in storytelling and gameplay. For Terratech Worlds, space provides an open world and dangerous landscape to traverse.

This game is not the first in the franchise from developer and publisher Payload Studios, as the original Terratech originally launched back in 2018 to a very solid reception, and was reviewed well on Steam as the game has a ‘very positive’ review rating on the digital platform, quite the feat for an indie game.

CEO and Founder of Payload Russ Clarke said, “With this ground-up reimagining, we wanted to provide players with a deep, layered experience that brought together immersive and diverse landscapes, expressive base building and automation, spherical planets, oceans and terrain deformation – so fans of games like Satisfactory and Valheim can enjoy those types of experiences, combined with TerraTech’s intuitive block-building gameplay.”

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Terratech Worlds launched in early access on March 22, and introduces a similar storyline as the original game: You take the role of a freelance prospector who is tasked with exploring, building, and fighting your way through an uncharted planet. You’ll encounter foreign alien monsters, as well as environmental hazards, that will attempt to impede your adventure.

The game supports cooperative play of up to six players and is strictly PvE. Payload has even released a roadmap that shows exactly what the content drops will be for the game in 2024, and beyond. Specifically, by Summer of 2024, the devs plan to release New terrain deformation tools, a new desert biome, and tech & base customization. By Fall 2024, a new planet is scheduled to be released as well as the ability to build on water, as well as flight & boat blocks.

terratech worlds

In 2025 and beyond, Payload is sharing its ambitious plans of even more planets, pilotable submarines, orbital travel, and even creatures.

Terratech Worlds is available for purchase on Steam for $26.99 / £21.42, a 10% off sale until March 29.

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