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Ambitious new open-world MMO racing game just got a Steam demo

Described as "a lifestyle and social experience," new racing game Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown just got a Steam demo to take for a spin.

A car in Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown driving through the streets of Hong Kong Island.

Hong Kong has a surprisingly vibrant car scene for such a built-up city, but the wealth of Hong Kong Island and the stunning mountains and beaches make for great driving roads filled with a lot of suped-up rides. Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown aims to capture these vibes in what it coins as a “lifestyle and social experience that redefines what an open-world racing game can be.” Now you can find out if it succeeded in its new Steam demo.

Fast cars, neon lights, winding mountain roads, and sandy beaches – Hong Kong Island has it all. The city is beautifully brought to life in Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, with bright colors reflecting off of shiny supercars as they prowl the streets at night or the sunrise beams behind them as they make their way through lush coastal roads in the morning. This is certainly one of the best-looking open-world racing games out there at the moment.

Showing off both sides of the city is a refreshing change, as we normally only get glimpses at the skyscrapers and alleys with the mountains off in the distance – if they’re even rendered at all. Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown claims to have recreated Hong Kong Island on a 1:1 scale, so if you’ve ever been, see if you can spot any of your favorite spots.

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True to its name, the game allows you to take cars out for a test drive before you purchase them directly from dealerships. Just like the Need For Speed series, you can also customize your whips, and you even get to show them off in your garage in the suite of the Solar Hotel.

As well as driving fancy cars around and putting them on display, you can venture out into Hong Kong’s nightclubs where you can put your reputation to the test and chat with others in the car scene.

So while you wait for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown’s September 12 release date, you can get the free Steam demo right here.

In the meantime, you can always check out some other open-world games. If those aren’t your thing, there are still plenty of great PC games you can play.

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