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Here’s Valve’s latest animated Team Fortress 2 snippet; 16 seconds of TV dinners and just desserts


Valve-made TF2 videos are so few and far between that we’ve frequently had to resort to the excellent stand-ins that flow steadily from the game’s community. Like MaxofS2D’s Saxxy-award winning Wishmaker, for instance. That tiara is simply magnificent. Oh, but here comes a Valve one now!

It’s a 16-second TV spot, designed to slot neatly between the folds of Sunday’s Venture Bros. premiere on Adult Swim. There’s barely time to laugh, if we’re honest, but you’ll see snatches of that gleeful, murderous abandon that you could probably call the spirit of Team Fortress:

Hahaha indeed. What’s your fave fan-made TF2 film, by the way? I still have a soft spot for the Zack Snydery, jaw-dropping slow-mo acrobatics of Scout vs. Witch.