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The Saxxy Awards are back! Here are eight deserving Source Filmmaker movies


Valve are currently taking submissions for their Second Annual Saxxy Awards, the Team Fortress 2 filmmaking contest designed to promote and reward the very finest (and weirdest) in Source engine animation. This year, hopeful entrants are armed with the powerful Source Filmmaker tool, hoisting up the quality of the average entry only very slightly. The thing is, vigilant organisers Valve are hiding all submissions until the voting stage begins on November 16, meaning we’ve had to piece together our own list of eight potential winners: some are bonafide Saxxy 2012 entries, while others are… not so much. You can also see our previous crop of Source Filmmaker greatness here. Enjoy!

Once Upon a Time in 2fort

GENRE: Thriller / SYNOPSIS:Firm friends the Spy and the Scout encounter some trouble and summarily attempt to overcome the oddsusing their classes’ respective abilities and the remarkable library of pre-recorded TF2 dialogue.

The First Wave

GENRE: Action/Robots / SYNOPSIS: A prequel to Mann vs Machine, showing the very first wave of robo-menace arriving. Includes a brilliant first-person punch-up between Heavy and Robo-Heavy.

Love at First Scan

GENRE: Romantic Comedy / SYNOPSIS:This is basically Bridget Jones’s Diary with robots in that it doesn’t make much sense, has a very confusing ending and you might see two soulless, cold, unfeeling creatures kissing.

Gorram Freshman’s Adventure in Gaben Land: The Quest for the Lost Episode

GENRE:Lynchian Clownism/ SYNOPSIS: What.

Tengen Toppa Heavy Medic

GENRE: Anime / SYNOPSIS: Tengen Toppa is a Japanese anime about mechs. This is an action-filled duel involving a Heavy who climbs on to a Medic’s shoulders and takes on the world. Youmust watch the second part below. It’s even better.

Midnight Power

GENRE: Music Video / SYNOPSIS:A short, cool,stunning slow-motion tableau ofLeft 4 Dead’szombie-genocide.

Nick’s Tears in Rain

GENRE: Sci-fi / SYNOPSIS:A recreation of Bladerunner’s iconic Tears in the Rain scene using Left 4 Dead’sNick and Ellis. It’s got nice lighting, really.

Bonk-Boy! Defender of CP!

GENRE: Cartoon / SYNOPSIS:Professor Skullcutter is going to blow up all of Goldrush. OnlyBonk Boy can save the day. When did people getthis talented?