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Saxxy Awards voting begins


It’s that time of year again, Valve’s Saxxy submissions phase has wrapped up and now all the videos are online to be picked through by our critically attuned digits, plucking the fine well-filmed wheat from the crap chaff.

For matters of fairness, Valve have employed the same blind sample system they created for Greenlight.

Come take a look.

Polygon spotted that the voting period had begun, to take part all you need to do is be logged head over to the Steam community pages, be logged in and start clicking that thumbs up (or thumbs down) button.

A lot of them are exercises in lip-syncing, like BrandeathAlive!’s Queen Fortress:

Fabulous (though, the use of Queen as an unlicensed piece will unfortunately disqualify it).

And replays (this is a category but, due to the ease of recording and uploading, there are a lot of them), like Dr. Face’s Nope:

But Steve spotted some more original entries while rooting around last week.

Voting ends on 27 November so best hop in and get selecting.