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Team Fortress 2 Halloween comic teases update, sees the return of Merasmus the Magician

Team Fortress 2

Should you have visited the Team Fortress 2 homepage yesterday, an errant click on The Spy’s noggin would have revealed to you a full broadsheet page of clues about the game’s upcoming Halloween event.

Now a new TF2 comic takes the story of comic duo Merasmus and Soldier a chronological step further, and sees the stage set for an in-game eldritch rumble courtesy of the Wraith of Darkness himself.

The comic, Doom-Mates, finds Merasmus returning home after delivering a keynote at WizardCon MCLVI, only to find – well, that not everything is as he left it. Give the pages a flick or twoto find out the rest for yourself. It really is very good.

Are you looking forward to TF2’s Halloween edition? We’re expecting thrown tarot cards and a personal appearance from Merasmus and his Bombinomicon, but beyond that all of the ostrich horrors of the nether realm are up for speculation.