TF2 pirate translation, yar it be real


T’ Steam Translation Service have done it again. First that scurvy-riddled crew rewrote t’ entire text o’ Dota 2 so it read like somethin’ out o’ Pirates o’ t’ Carribean fan fiction, and now they’ve given Team Fortress 2 t’ same treatment, makin’ t’ internet a happier place.

I tells ya how ta download i’ below deck.

Because Team Fortress has t’ Steam Workshop integration up and runnin’, installin’ t’ language pack be a damn sight easier. Simply go here and install t’ pack. While you’re thar, show t’ dogs some love.

Oh and, from their own lips: “much as t’ DOTA 2 pack be a rewrite o’ t’ entire DOTA 2 language, this pack be a rewrite o’ t’ TF2 language. It’s worth notin’ that t’ Pirate language will revert t’ english after any TF2 update.