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The Crystal Dynamics Avengers Project is a third-person game with stealth and melee


Crystal Dynamics and Marvel’s forthcoming Avengers game will be a “third-person cover-based action adventure game” with “stealth, player weapons and tools, cover and melee-based mechanics.”

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This is according to a job advertisement posted by Crystal Dynamics, seeking a combat systems designer to join the design team “working on the ‘Avengers Project’.”

Until now, we didn’t know what genre the Avengers game would be. A third-person action adventure with cover, stealth, melee, and a range of weapons and gadgets is not a massive surprise, however – the Avengers is all about an eclectic team of superheroes with different abilities working together, and if the game is going to reflect that, it’ll need lots of different gameplay systems. It’s easy to imagine Black Widow or Hawkeye using stealth and cover, while Hulk and Thor get involved in melee, for instance.