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The Banner Saga 3 trailer reminds you that Bolverk is having a very bad time

the banner saga 3 bolverk trailer

As summer approaches, it’s best to leave behind the joys of sun and warm spirits in favour of focusing on the inevitable march of death and cold winters. Luckily, the final instalment of The Banner Saga is on the way to remind us that life is grim, and developers Stoic are reinforcing the point by reminding us of Bolverk’s dark path in a new character vignette trailer.

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The trailer runs down some of the events of the first two games (so spoilers, naturally), detailing Bolverk’s path so far. The giant’s devotion to his mercenary band means that the poor fate befalling the Ravens has set Bolverk on a vengeful path. Our narrator speculates that “Bolverk may become the unstoppable force that shreds the last few threads of light in the darkness,” which is just the kind of cheery storytelling I expect from The Banner Saga.

The Banner Saga 3 is still set to release this summer, though as yet we still don’t have any more specific date than that. It’s planned to be the final instalment of the trilogy, following up on the Dredge invasion that began with the original game in 2014.

As part of the first wave Kickstarter projects, The Banner Saga has continued to be one of the best games to come out of crowdfunding, with a rich narrative, gorgeous animation, and a unique turn-based battle system helping the series to stand out. Here’s hoping things close out right with this final game.