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Terrifying 8/10 survival horror game is suddenly available for free

Blending Resident Evil, Alien Isolation, and Amnesia, a survival horror game with rave Steam reviews is available for absolutely nothing.

The Beast Inside free horror game: A young woman from free horror game The Beast Inside

Between Resident Evil 4, Alan Wake 2, the remake of Dead Space, and lower-budget masterworks like Amnesia The Bunker and Signalis, we’ve been going through a horror game renaissance as of late. Curtains are drawn, lights are turned down, sales of fresh underwear are way up. But if you want some significant scares for the extremely welcoming price of literally nothing, a hidden gem of a horror, boasting ‘very positive’ Steam user reviews, is suddenly available for precisely $0. Blending RE, Amnesia, the motion-tracker terrors of Alien Isolation, this one is yours to own right now.

Say hello to The Beast Inside, a 2019 survival horror game from independent developer Illusion Ray. You play a CIA cryptanalyst named Adam who absconds to the countryside during the middle of the Cold War to try and crack an intensely complex and potentially world-altering enemy cipher. Accompanied by your wife, Emma, everything seems picturesque until – worst luck – Adam discovers a 19th-century diary in his attic that summons something horrible into existence. Thus, the game is split into two. In one half, you play Adam, running, hiding, and surviving against the malevolent forces out for your blood, while in the other you return to the 19th-century to discover the origins of these otherworldly horrors.

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At times, The Beast Inside resembles Resident Evil Village – gripping a revolver, you stalk through countryside and decrepit buildings, gradually discovering new hints and clues to eventually solve the survival game’s many mysteries. Otherwise, there are moments of Alien Isolation, courtesy of some fussy malfunctioning technology and a glowing-green motion tracker, and Amnesia The Bunker, as you try to avoid detection armed only with a small gas lamp.

On Steam, The Beast Inside will cost you $24.99 / £20.99. But if you click the button below and go straight to GOG, you can get the game for free right now.

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