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Sea of Thieves meets Doom in new indie shooter, playable right now

Indie shooter The Book: Gunsmith’s Battles Echoes looks to marry the intensity of classic boomer shooters with a swashbuckling setting.

The Book Gunsmith Battles Echoes Steam FPS game: A pirate fires a steampunk weapon in Steam FPS game The Book

Just added to Steam to enter early access soon, The Book: Gunsmith’s Battles Echoes is an indie boomer shooter FPS that drops the player into a world of pirates, monsters and steampunk technology. Developed and published solely by Stephigames, The Book: Gunsmith’s Battles Echoes is stated to be inspired by the recent Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal, creating a frenetic and fast-paced environment in which constantly moving forward and retrieving health and ammunition from corpses is the way to go. It’s also just had a demo drop alongside its Steam page, letting you try out the game completely for free. If you wanted a barnacled, pirate-themed shooter – Sea of Thieves with machineguns – this is for you.

The Book: Gunsmith’s Battles Echoes offers a variety of classic FPS game weapon options, such as a machine gun, pistol, shotgun and a rudimentary rocket launcher-esque firearm, as well as a sword that can instantly kill certain enemies and a wrist-mounted grenade launcher to clear the field.

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As well as this large arsenal, the game also includes a deep crafting system thanks to the eponymous Book, giving you the ability to upgrade your weapons with various attachments and improvements to take down your eyepatched enemies more efficiently. The Steam page also suggests a character skill tree of sorts as it mentions enhancing the protagonist’s abilities over time.

Its cel-shaded art style lands somewhere between Borderlands and Sea of Thieves, creating a unique steampunk aesthetic that pairs with the magical, supernatural enemies and environments to cleanly blend several styles.

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