The Church In The Darkness is about infiltrating a cult in the rainforest

The Church In The Darkness

Announced today for a 2017 release, The Church In The Darkness is an “action-infiltration” game about getting into and then stopping a cult. Running from the US authorities, Isaac and Rebecca Walker run the Collective Justice Mission hidden deep in South America. Everything else will change each go round, roguelike influences showing on who is in the camp and how the leaders will react to you and your actions, all played from a top-down perspective.

How much of our list of upcoming PC games will end up releasing in 2017? It’s not even March.

Here’s the trailer, from which you may recognise the voices of the two main antagonists:

Not only is that Ellen McLain and John Patrick Lowrie, of Glados and Sniper fame respectively, but the roles were deliberately written with them in mind. Combined with their changing personalities on each playthrough – including ones where Freedom Town is not sinister at all, but is indeed just a peaceful safe haven for those that prefer a more socialistic lifestyle – it’s going to require some scripting chops to pull it off properly.

Those roguelike bits will affect more than how the story is told, altering the layout of the town to very literally change how you must manoeuvre as well as who is safe to rely on. It’s a long way off in 2017, but it sounds fascinating, and something new that I haven’t seen done before. Here’s the official sitewith a bit more info, some screenshots and a sign up for the official newsletter.