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The Crew 2 adds monster trucks, planes, and boats

The Crew Calling All Units expansion

A wild and wacky trailer for The Crew 2 has debuted. What we have on show is a vastly diversified set of vehicles, bringing bi-planes, F1 cars, monster trucks, boats and much more to the racing extravaganza. See it below.

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There’s also a more in-game trailer available that shows how it actually looks, er, in-game.

It’s set in “Motornation” a “huge, varied, action-packed, and beautiful playground built for motorsports” featuring locations across the entire of the US. The point being you can drive whatever you like, and essentially wherever you like. Quite the promise, and it’s all one big open world too.

There’s also talk of different factions of racers, four in all, with unique HQs for players to meet in. This is also where the trading for vehicles happens, providing progression.

It’ll hit in early 2018. Folks who’ve played The Crew are promised to be taken care of with “up to” 18 different vehicles.