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The Day Before mods lock down Discord, urge players to refund

The Day Before's Discord mods have closed the server, confirmed that a patch is on the way, and urged unhappy players to refund on Steam.

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After enduring a wave of angry comments from players, The Day Before mods over its official Discord channel have closed the server. Furthermore, the team has issued an update that a patch “is in the works” and urged unhappy players to refund the game on Steam.

This latest development follows The Day Before launching to a landslide of negative Steam reviews over its unstable servers and game-breaking bugs. However, the linchpin that really riled up gamers was when they realized The Day Before wasn’t actually an MMO but an extraction shooter zombie game, despite what previous advertisements would have you believe.

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The Discord mods had to weather the anger from players in light of all this in place of developer Fntastic, which forced the team to lock down the entire server and issue a statement.

“We’ve made the decision to temporarily lock the channel for several reasons. Firstly, it’s essential to let things calm down due to the overwhelming toxicity that we currently cannot manage effectively,” one mod, simply named ‘Kentin,’ explains. “Secondly, we need to channel all bug reports to the development team, and we can’t accomplish this if we aren’t allowed to share those reports. Continuous moderation here is diverting our time away from addressing major bugs and making crucial fixes. A patch is in the works, so please be prepared for an upcoming game update.”

During the initial outrage, the same mod tried to communicate with players and curb discussions toward more productive matters to fix issues, but was instantly drowned out by constant comments. In this statement, the mod urged unhappy players to consider “either following the Steam Refund Policy or patiently awaiting improvements.”

Publicly, the mods are still positive about The Day Before and believe in the project. However, judging from how negative reception is getting in the way of their work, it’s unclear when a comprehensive patch will go out to resolve problems. 

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