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The Day Before still has one player logging in, a week before shutdown

With a week until the servers officially shut down, at least one person continues logging into The Day Before, all on their lonesome.

The Day Before one player: a close up of a stern man in a fur collared coat with a rifle slung over his right shoulder

One person is still playing The Day Before, alone, as the most overhyped and underbaked game of recent memory has just one week of life left in it before the servers go offline forever. The Day Before hit zero players just 17 days after launch, but has since continued to draw occasional users, including one solitary devotee.

The Day Before, which developer Fntastic promised was an MMORPG in the months before before launch, died a quick death. A mere four days after launch Fntastic announced its closure, with the game’s complete demise confirmed shortly after.

While I’m not surprised to hear that The Day Before already has frequent zero player periods on Steam, I am surprised by the lone player who keeps logging in. Is it a Fntastic employee, a player engaging with the game, or someone doing it for a laugh? I’ll admit, I still have The Day Before installed for some reason, probably out of morbid curiosity more than anything else.

The Day Before one player: a graph showing TBD's playercount

I couldn’t even get into a server, so is this lone player able to try the game? At this point I’m unsure, but I can’t help but wonder. With the official The Day Before server shutdown looming, my dream is that the same person keeps logging into New Fortune City and wandering around the empty streets – no different from the launch, then.

You can see The Day Before player count over on SteamDB, and it’s a deeply saddening graph, if not at all surprising. With The Day Before refunds hopefully making their way out to all players, even those of us who want to try it probably won’t get a chance now.

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