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Despite everything, The Day Before still has hundreds of players

The Day Before Steam sales are being refunded and Fntastic is closed down, but still, the survival sim enjoys an active player base.

The Day Before Steam: A character from Fntastic survival game The Day Before

The Day Before is one of the most dramatic gaming stories of 2023 – perhaps of all time. From the zenith of its trailer and hype campaign to the nadir of its Steam reviews, refunds, and eventual abandonment, the would-be MMO (but actually extraction shooter) has led to the downfall of developer Fntastic, and been pulled from sale. Inaccessible servers, technical problems, and missing gameplay features meant The Day Before lasted a mere four days until it was removed from Steam. Nevertheless, those who bought and didn’t refund it can still log in – despite everything, The Day Before still has regular players.

Now, it’s not like The Day Before is thriving. Since its launch on Thursday, December 7, and the multitude of problems that ensued, the survival game has lost 99.6% of its players. At its peak, 38,104 people logged into Fntastic’s one-time opus all at once. As of this writing, the highest concurrent player count for The Day Before in the last 24 hours is 158. It’s still rated as ‘overwhelmingly negative.’ It’s still in the bottom ten on Steam of all time, based on user reviews.

But people are still logging in to play The Day Before regularly. 223 people were playing concurrently on Sunday, December 17. 279 on Saturday, December 16. 295 on Friday.

The Day Before Steam players: A comparison of statistics for The Day Before Steam users

As a rolling four-day average, that puts The Day Before’s average concurrent player count at 238. It’s not much, but still, it means literally hundreds of people are playing The Day Before. After everything that’s happened, that’s quite extraordinary.

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