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The Day Before devs promise to show “raw gameplay footage”

The Day Before, inspired by survival game hits like DayZ and The Long Dark, and still second on Steam’s wishlist chart, will soon reveal “raw gameplay footage”

The Day Before devs promise to show “raw gameplay footage”. A man holding a shotgun in Steam survival game The Day Before

The Day Before developer Fntastic says that it will shortly reveal “raw gameplay footage” for the DayZ, Long Dark, and Rust-inspired survival game, which is currently second on the global Steam wishlist chart as we approach The Day Before release date. The announcement comes following a variety of gameplay trailers, purportedly showing the zombie shooter in action.

The Day Before received its initial announcement trailer on January 27, 2021, showing what appeared to be a group of players in the third-person zombie game exploring the streets and skyscrapers of a post-apocalyptic city. Another 13-minute trailer showcasing driving, as well as a similar group of players exploring an abandoned gas station, followed in April.

On January 4, 2022, Fntastic uploaded a video to its YouTube channel apparently showcasing The Day Before’s use of ray tracing. That video, titled “The Day Before Official GeForce RTX 4K Gameplay Reveal,” was followed by various other trailers, the most recent coming as part of Nvidia’s event at CES 2023.

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Now, Fntastic says it will soon show “raw gameplay footage” for the survival game, in response to various requests from the game’s community.

“After careful consideration and discussions with our leadership team, we have received approval to share the information you have been eagerly anticipating,” says the developer on The Day Before’s Discord server.

“This month, we will be releasing raw gameplay footage, as per the numerous requests received from our community. This footage will showcase a majority of the features and gameplay elements requested by our community and will provide a clear glimpse into the current state of development for The Day Before. We hope you enjoy it.”

The Day Before is slated to release on March 1, and is currently second on the global Steam wishlist chart, behind only upcoming Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy. “We are creating one of the most anticipated games in the world,” writes Fntastic on its company website.

The site also hosts Fntastic’s productivity app, Continent, and its previous game Propnight, described by the developer as “the top-selling game on Steam.”

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