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DayZ dev trolls The Day Before with big new survival game Steam sale

The makers of DayZ and survival sim Icarus have a tellingly named new Steam sale as The Day Before is pulled and players are handed refunds.

The Day Before Steam sale: A character from Fntastic zombie game The Day Before

The Day Before is gone from Steam and players of the once promising-looking Fntastic zombie shooter are getting full refunds. It’s been a rollercoaster drama, from breathtaking YouTube trailers to growing uncertainty and, finally, the launch – and rapid death – of The Day Before itself. Now, two other survival sims are poking fun at the would-be MMO, with a new Steam sale designed for anyone let down by The Day Before’s eventual release. DayZ and Icarus have teamed up for a smartly monikered pair of discounts that will give you something to play in lieu of Fntastic’s infamous apocalypse game.

The Day Before, we hardly knew ye. Ostensibly a survival game in the vein of The Last of Us, Fallout, and Project Zomboid, the ‘finished’ product was – depending how you look at it – fittingly disastrous. Impenetrable servers. Game-breaking bugs. Empty worlds missing many of the features we’d come to expect. The Day Before will go down as one of gaming history’s all-time cautionary tales.

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If you were eagerly awaiting a realistic MMO to fill the Holiday season, you probably feel a little empty. The makers of DayZ and Icarus have seemingly anticipated your pain, and have a new Steam sale designed specifically for despondent Day Before disappointees.

‘The Day After’ is a new survival sim bundle combining both DayZ and Icarus into one cut-price package. For $53.58 / £42.53 you get both games, at a saving of some 33% if you were to buy them separately. The bundle was launched Tuesday December 12, one day after The Day Before was pulled from Steam. If you want to pick it up, it’s available until Thursday December 21.

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