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The Division 2 endgame is being totally transformed, for the better

The Division 2 is having a major endgame shakeup, as now all players can access the level 40 cap and extra content without the DLC.

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As The Division 2 enters its sixth year of content, Ubisoft is giving the endgame a major shakeup. Right now, a lot of material is only available after you reach level 40, and to players who have bought the DLC. But going forward, a lot more will be coming to the co-op shooter for free and to players on the base game. Oh, and if you’re entirely new to The Division 2, right now you can play the game for free for eight hours and see if it’s for you.

With the Year 6 roadmap for The Division 2 outlined during the recent Ubisoft Forward, the online-only shooter is revamping its entire endgame. Tuesday June 11 marks the start of Year 6 Season 1, with Ubisoft making one message loud and clear: it “will be making the endgame accessible to all The Division 2 players.”

Previously, endgame content was available when you reached level 40 – which requires the Warlords of New York expansion. Now, every single player can reach level 40 without buying the DLC, with a plethora of content made available when you reach that goal. This is an incredibly smart move for the co-op game as it comes up on over half a decade of content – hopefully, this change will help to repopulate all the endgame activities.

Now anyone can play the Incursions, Manhunts, Countdowns, Raids, and all events will be available to everybody. Year 6 Season 1’s new First Rogue Manhunt and the new Paradise Lost Incursion will also be available to all.

Keep in mind that the Warlords of New York’s new region, unique gear, and story content are all still gated behind buying the DLC. Ubisoft also believes this should help with overall queues, as it outlines the reasons for the change in the following statement.

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“This change benefits all players, ensuring a level playing field in terms of content access. Players who did not own Warlords of New York can now experience and enjoy the true endgame, while those who are already there will witness the matchmaking queues filling up with new players and a new life taking over in the social aspects of the game.”

For longtime players, Ubisoft says the current seasonal model that started in 2020 has “reached its limit” as “it has become a bit harder to bring novelty and surprises.” This means the model will change, and at the heart of this shift are seasonal characters. This means each season is played from level one, with new and accelerated progression to get you to the endgame content while drip-feeding the new mechanics.

Prospective new players can try The Division 2 for free on PC and consoles right now, too. Just head here and choose your platform – you get eight hours and can go up to level eight while playing alone or in co-op.

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