The Division 2 resources: how to farm for the essentials

Looking for food, water, and components to keep your control points fully stocked? Here are the best ways to gather resources

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What’s the best way to farm The Division 2 resources? In a classic post-apocalypse move you need to stay stocked up with resources in order to truly survive. The three main resources are food, water, and components. You use these to keep the control points you take over stocked up so they can successfully repel hostile takeover attempts. This is an incredibly important part of the game as it helps you complete projects as well as helping to fight back the constant tide of evil. Unfortunately, resources are not exactly easy to find in a pinch, so follow this guide to find out where to find each of these essentials.

There are a few different ways to go about getting food, water, and components in The Division 2. All of them involve looting though. You can find little dribs and drabs of each of the resources scattered throughout the world without really trying.

Simply going around each of the levels and the open world and keeping an eye out for anything you can loot is sure to score you small amounts of each resource, including crafting materials. However, in order to really get your farm on, you need to know where to look for large sums of each resource type.


One easy way to grind early on is to farm resources from resource nodes. You can see these nodes by going into your map and zooming in. You will reach a point where you can see new icons. There are some white icons which represent the various resources you need. Food is denoted by a tin can symbol, water by a bottle symbol, and if you go to a screw you will find components. The easiest way to get to these is to travel to the nearest safehouse, completed main mission, or settlement and then set a waypoint from there by zooming in and pressing the F key.

Once you actually find your way to these nodes you will be in the best place to stock up again. If you are at a water node you will see some blue barrels that have that wonderful orange glow that tells you there is loot. Ransack these and you will be replete with enough water to save any control point. If you go to a food point you will see green plastic tubs instead, and for components there will be fairly standard looking crate to loot. Each of these will allow you to stock up and then redistribute the resources among settlements and control points.

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Resource Convoy

As you progress through the game new events will start to pop up, including resource convoys. Resource Convoys will become available after you have unlocked The Campus, your second settlement. Once you have rescued President Ellis from the Hyenas in the Bank Headquarters main mission these events will start to appear in the world.

There are actually two different types of these though. Green are friendly ones, and red are enemy ones. You want to make sure you hit the red ones. These slowly move through the map and are guarded by a group of tough enemies. Your aim is to take this lot down in order to claim the loot for yourself.

After you have wiped out the initial bunch you can expect another couple of waves before the resources are truly yours. The best way to deal with them is to find some good cover and make the most of your abilities to thin out the hordes trying to reclaim what they’ve stolen. While these can be done solo, your best bet is to bring a friend along, after all, work shared is work halved.

Once you have completed the mission fully you will have the chance to loot a large amount of food, water, and components. You will also get some good gear drops and crafting materials from these which makes them some of the most efficient world events in the game.

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Rare crafting materials

You’ll find rare crafting materials just through exploring, but if you want to farm them in large quantities then there are two ways you can do this. The first is to rinse and repeat Dark Zone landmarks, as they drop a hefty load of crafting materials upon completion. The second is to get the Detection 2 perk, donate some resources to the control point in the East Mall, just to the north-east of the Castle settlement. This will trigger your Detection 2 perk and reveal the many, many loot containers around this control point. Simply sprint around collecting all of them.

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After this, you’ll want to work your way east through the park to the next control point, making the most of your Detection 2 perk to grab everything on the way, and then looting that control point when you get there. Bear in mind you can find Titanium from the duffel bag containers, electronics from the steel crates, and carbon fibre from the toolbox. Finally, you can donate more resources if you need to top out your Detection 2 perk as there’s one more control point to head to, which is east again at the Crash Site.