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All The Division 2 Exotic weapons we’ve found so far

From the Ruthless rifle to the Lullaby shotgun, Washington is packed with Exotic weapons to plunder

the division 2 exotic weapons

The Division 2 Exotic weapons have started to appear for players making their way through Washington’s post-apocalyptic state. It’s not too hard to spot these weapons either – while they appear with a peachy gold hue to distinguish their rarity tier, they also come with unique visual markings, too. As Ubisoft said itself, The Division 2 Exotics should be more exciting than they were in the first game.

Ubisoft’s intent can mainly be seen from an aesthetic perspective as the guns are designed to stand out more vividly whether laying on the ground in the field of battle or holstered on your character. On top of that, each of these weapons tells a bit of story and radiates the theme the gun while connecting it to the lore.

Of course, every gun worth their pound of flesh must also feel good to use, too. That’s where we come in – we’ve collected everything we know about The Division 2 Exotics so far, as well as their stats, talents, and attributes. As we get our hands on more of these cherished Exotics, we’ll keep adding them to the list – so do check back if you haven’t seen the one you’re looking for.

The Division 2 Exotic weapons


A bandana-clad SPAS-12 shotgun, the Lullaby deals a chonky 2.1k in damage, fires 70 rounds per minutes, and holds eight to the mag. The critical strike range falls between 0-20m, and it will take you 5.4 seconds to reload.

The Lullaby may look like it’s held together by duct tape, but its perks appear more than stable. Its namesake perk ‘Lullaby’ will give you an armour boost of 35% should you land a melee after swapping to the shotgun. It also has a perk called ‘Evasive’, which will grant you a reload of 1% of your magazine when you dodge with this weapon equipped – that’s one shell, which might save your life in a pinch.

The Lullaby is available to you if you have pre-ordered and edition of The Division 2 or if pick up the Capital Defender pack.

Sweet dreams

The Sweet Dreams shotgun is a jazzed up version of the Lullaby and it’s obtainable without you needing to purchase the Capital Defender pack. Sweet, indeed.

Like the Lullaby, It comes with the Evasive perk but swaps out the Lullaby talent for the Sweet Dreams talent, and adds in the Sandman one to boot. The Sweet Dreams talent gives you a 35% boost to armour should land a melee attack after swapping to the shotgun. The Sandman prevents enemies you hit from healing or applying armour kits. If you slay your foe with the Sandman debuff applied you’ll snag 35% of your armour back.

Okay, the perks aren’t amazing per se. Mostly because if you’re aping someone with a chonky great shotgun you aren’t exactly going to go for the melee. On top of that, Sweet Dream’s pumps out 100k worth of damage if you acquire it in world-tier 4, and it fires at 70 rounds per minute. Putting it lightly, it’s a lot of damage. If you want to see Sweet Dreams in action you can watch the clip above.

the division 2 ruthless rifle


The Ruthless is a rifle that deals 300 in damage, fires 260 rounds per minute, and holds 30 to the mag. It has a critical strike range of 10-60m and reloads in 2.5s.

The rifle also comes with the ‘Binary Trigger’ perk, which means the weapon will fire when you click your mouse in and when you release it, too. It also comes with the ‘Brutality’ perk that means landing a shot has a 5% chance to deal 20% damage as explosive damage.

The Ruthless is available to anyone who has pre-ordered the The Division 2 Ultimate Edition.

the division 2 merciless v2


While wandering through Massive Entertainment’s depiction of Washington, you can come across a beefed up version of the Ruthless called the Merciless, even if you haven’t pre-ordered the The Division 2 Ultimate Edition.

The main difference here is the Guerilla Warfare talent, which turns the first round fired into a primer round that’ll stick to foes. Release your shoot button and you fire the second bullet that detonates a combo. On top of that, each primer detonated gains 75% damage per primer detonated. Keep in mind, though, that only one enemy can have primers and the max stack is five. The detonator will deal additional damage based on where it connects, so make sure you release the binary trigger over the primed enemy’s head or a weak point.

the division 2 chatterbox

The Chatterbox

This Exotic P90 has been the talk of the town amongst Washington, D.C. thanks to the Blabbermouth talent, which allows you ramp up the rate of fire of any weapon by 20% for ten seconds if you reload the weapon five seconds after a kill while The Chatterbox is holstered.

The Chatterbox also comes with an Incessant Chatter talent that ups the rate of fire by 1% to 60% for every shot landed. Finally, Box Magazine grants The Chatterbox a 20% mag refill along with a buff after each kill for ten seconds. Every shot increases magazine capacity by one to a max of sixty, plus killing the target consumes the buff to fully refill the magazine, while the buff is active.

To find The Division 2’s The Chatterbox, however, you’ll need to farm for keys and unlock caches to get it.

The division 2 deagle

The Deagle

Kendra Nelson’s trusty pistol can hold eight bullets to the magazine and will fire at 150 rounds per minute.

The Deagle comes with a Liberty perk that boosts damage by 100% against hostile electronics while highlighting them and enemy weak points when you aim down sights. The Blind Justice talent buffs your next bullet’s damage by 500% if you take out a hostile electronic or break an enemies weak point. If that bullet kills someone, your weapon magazine is refilled and you’ll be granted 100% weapon damage for the entire magazine. Rounding off, the Independence talent gives your other weapons a buff that refills 20% of their magazine if you destroy an enemy’s weak point while the Deagle is holstered.

To pick up the The Division 2’ Deagle, play through the story until you reach the Capitol Hill Stronghold where you’ll take down a boss called Captain Kendra Nelson. Once rewarded with an exotic crafting material called ‘Pistol: Trigger & Mechanism’, follow the quest steps to claim your bounty.


Other Exotics are still in the process of being unearthed as they are beyond high-end loot and not a part of the early game. Thanks to YouTuber Epic Slay3rs, however, we know what six more Exotics will look like – although we don’t know what perks they will roll with at this time.

These The Division 2 Exotic weapons include a heavily modded sniper-rifle with a Black Tusk logo, a rifle that’s also wrapped up in a bandana, an M249 that looks to be an Outcast drop, and another shotgun that’s painted black.

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And there you have it, The Division 2 Exotic weapons as we know them so far. A great deal of these Exotics won’t become known to you until you reach the end game, sure, but it’s exciting to see Ubisoft imbue its Exotic weapons with a post-apocalyptic personality to make them stand out visually from the standard issue weapon.