The Division 2 Exotics: every Exotic and Warlords of New York weapon and how to farm them

From the Nemesis sniper to the Big Horn rifle, Washington and New York are packed with Exotic weapons to plunder

the division 2 exotic weapons

The Division 2 Exotics are some of the best weapons and armor you can find in the game. It’s not too hard to spot them either – while they appear with a peachy gold hue to distinguish their rarity tier, they also come with unique visual markings, too. As Ubisoft said itself, The Division 2 Exotics should be more exciting than they were in the first game.

Ubisoft’s intent can mainly be seen from an aesthetic perspective as the guns are designed to stand out more vividly whether laying on the ground in the field of battle or holstered on your character. On top of that, each of these weapons and bits of armor tells a bit of story and radiates the theme of the gun while connecting it to some faction lore.

Of course, every gun worth their pound of flesh must also feel good to use, too. That’s where we come in – we’ve collected everything we know about The Division 2 Exotics, from their stats and talents, as well as how to unlock them. As we get our hands on more of these cherished Exotics, we’ll keep adding them to the list – so do check back if you haven’t seen the one you’re looking for. We’ve even included The Division 2 armor, too – as a treat.

Here are The Division 2 Exotics:

Division 2 Warlords of New York Exotics

These aren’t all located on the new open-world map, but they are all exclusive to the DLC owners.

Bullet King

This is a Warlords of New York exclusive and therefore drops exclusively from Rikers bosses. A lot of players have reported that the best means of getting it is on the Tombs mission, especially from the final boss. You can get it on any difficulty, but the higher the difficulty the higher the drop rate. Here’s a little more info on how to get the Bullet King LMG.

Bullet Hell

  • This weapon never needs to be reloaded
  • For every 100 bullets that hit an enemy, replenish some ammo to you and your allies’ reserves

Imperial Dynasty

This works brilliantly against rushing enemies, and as it’s on a 40 second cooldown you’ll see this pop off several times in a prolonged fight. You’ll want to repeat the Stranded Tanked mission on any difficulty (the higher the better) and look out for the final mission boss, Vivian, who has a chance of dropping it. It has been suggested that any named Cleaner boss can drop it, but we’ve not seen any evidence of this yet.

Dragon’s Glare

  • While in Combat applies burn to the enemy closest to you within 20m
  • Cooldown 40s


All faction crates have a chance of dropping this backpack from their locked crates, but you’ll want to do it when you’re back in Washington, D.C. as there are nearly 100 of these crates to make a farming run from. The keys are on your map, too, so it’s an easy farming run, it might just take a while. Here’s our guide on how to get the Acosta’s Go-Bag.

These crates reset once a day at a specific time, so you can make a preferred run and repeat it each day until it drops.

One in Hand…

  • Damaging an enemy with a grenade grants +1 skill tier for 15s
  • Grants Overcharge if already at skill tier 6

… Two in the Bag

  • 1+ Armor Kit capacity
  • 3+ Grenade capacity
  • +25% Ammo capacity
  • +10% Repair-skills
  • +10% Status effects

“Tardigrade” Armor System

YouTuber NothingButSkillz reports getting this from a named True Sons boss on the non-invaded form of the Lincoln Memorial Mission. Meanwhile Mr. Commendation posted to Twitter that they managed to secure the Exotic on Space Administration HQ, which is another True Sons mission. Our advice is to go back to Washington, D.C. and repeat True Sons missions, farming named bosses until this drops.

Ablative Nano-Plating

  • Whenever your or any ally’s armor breaks, they gain 80% of your armor as bonus armor for 10 seconds
  • Cooldown per ally: 45s
  • Killing an enemy with your Specialization weapon removes this cooldown for all allies

NinjaBike Messenger

You can grab these kneepads from the various Dark Zones across Washington, D.C. in particular you can farm either DZ landmarks or supply drops. Here’s a little more info on how to farm the NinjaBike Messenger kneepads.


  • Performing a cover to cover or vaulting reloads your drawn weapon
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Lady Death

You’ll need a lot of RNG to get this as it drops from open-world bosses, which makes it a little trickier to farm, especially as you can only get it from open-world NYC bosses. These bosses can also be in the form of bounties, but once you kill one you’ll need to wait 30 minutes for each one to respawn. We’ve embedded a very handy guide from NothingButSkillz showing where each of these bosses is. Here’s our guide to the Lady Death Exotic SMG.

Breathe Free

  • When moving, gain 4 stacks per second, or 8 stacks if sprinting, up to 40 stacks total
  • Each round fired consumes a stack, amplifying damage by 60%
  • Kills grant +20% movement speed for 10s

Big Horn

This drops on legendary difficulty missions at a 5% chance. The only missions you can do on legendary are strongholds, but you can’t do this on invaded mode. So, head back to Washington, D.C. and farm those strongholds. Here’ everything you need to know about the Big Horn Exotic AR.

Big Game Hunter

  • When scoped, switches to semi-automatic fire mode, dealing 450% weapon damage with each shot

Coyote’s Mask

To grab this you just need to get to level 35 in the Season 1 rewards track.

Pack Instincts

  • You and all allies gain a bonus based on the distance of the last enemy you hit
    • 0-15m: +25% critical hit damage
    • 15-25m: +10% crit hit damage and +10% crit hit chance
    • 25m+: +25% crit hit chance

The Division 2 Exotics list

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This assault rifle was added as part of Title Update 7, and can be obtained as soon as RNG-esus smiles upon thee. We recommend doing bounties and targeted missions until you get your own Chameleon to drop. If you’d like to see this gun in action, check out the video above. The Chameleon perks are as follows:

Adaptive Instincts

  • Get a 20% boost to critical hit chance and a 50% increase to critical hit damage for 45 seconds if you hit 30 headshots
  • Snag a 100% boost to weapon damage for 45 seconds by hitting 60 body shots
  • Reload speed increases by +150% for 45 seconds if you hit 30 leg shots


  • Pick up a 5% boost to weapon handling when your gun is holstered
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This reptilian rifle is now in the game, but you’ll probably need to wait a few weeks before you can get it. To get all the crafting materials needed, you need to compete all three Expeditions. These are the perks:

Agonizing Bite

  • This perk marks an enemy at random, and hitting that enemy consumes the mark – guarantying the critical hit with an extra 20% to total damage.
  • The mark passes on when the previous enemy has been hit, or if you reload your weapon.

Deep Fangs

  • If you hit five marked enemies, this perk grants +50% reload speed, +20% total damage, and every shot you fire guarantees critical hits for ten seconds.

Shredding Skin

  • You get an extra 20% bonus armour for three seconds if you reload Diamondback while it is equipped.
  • While Diamondback is holstered, you can pick up +8% bonus armour for two seconds by reloading or cycling your equipped weapon.

division 2 exotics pestilence lmg


The Tidal Basin Stronghold adds a new Outcast Division 2 Exotic for you to unlock. After a lot of grinding we finally have The Division 2 Pestilence Exotic LMG, and it’s pretty underwhelming. Here are the talents:

Plague of the Outcasts

  • After hitting the same enemy 20 times, that enemy is inflicted with Plague of the Outcasts.
  • Whenever an enemy with Plague of the Outcasts is killed, the leave a toxic cloud for 10 seconds that deals 200% weapon damage per second to anyone inside and inflicts them with Pestilence.


  • This debuff reduces healing received by 50% for 10s.
  • Whenever an enemy with Pestilence would be downed, they are instead instantly killed.
  • The debuff is removed if the enemy is repaired to full armor.

Outcast Resilience

  • While holstered, gain 20% bonus armor for 5s whenever you are affected by blind, bleed, or burning.

As for how to farm it, we have a full guide to unlocking The Division 2 Pestilence Exotic LMG. But the main thing you need to know is that this will drop from named enemies in the Dark Zone. The drop rate appears to be higher in the Occupied Dark Zone than in the standard DZ, but you can get it in either. The best way to farm is by completing landmarks, which always spawn a named enemy.

division 2 exotics nemesis sniper


The first Division 2 Exotic sniper rifle comes from the Black Tusk faction and is heavily modified with attachments, including laser sights, a suppressor, and a chonky scope. This Exotic sniper is available in World Tier 5, and it’s talents are:


  • Shots fired from this weapon require the trigger to be held down to charge. Once charged, these shots deal increased body shot damage. If the charged shot does not kill the target, then the next shot charges quicker.
  • After aiming at a target, it is marked so that it can be tracked through the world. The longer the mark is on the target, the more damage your shots with this weapon will deal to the target.


  • Aiming at an enemy marks them as your nemesis for 15 seconds, letting you see them through walls. Your shots gain 5% damage to your nemesis for each second they are marked, to a max of 50%.


  • While Holstered, gain 25% headshot damage when scoped with your current weapon.

As to how to unlock The Division 2 Nemesis Exotic, we’ve prepared a handy guide to answer just that question.

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The Sweet Dreams shotgun is a jazzed up version of the Lullaby and it’s obtainable without you needing to purchase the Capital Defender pack. Sweet, indeed. Here its talents:

Sweet Dreams

  • Landing a melee attack on an enemy after swapping to this weapon grants 35% bonus armor for 5 seconds and applies the Sandman debuff for 5 seconds.


  • This debuff prevents the enemy from using armor kits and from receiving healing from any source.


  • While equipped, dodging reloads 25% of your current weapon’s magazine.

Okay, the perks aren’t amazing per se. Mostly because if you’re aping someone with a chonky great shotgun you aren’t exactly going to go for the melee. Alternatively, here’s how to get The Division 2 Sweet Dreams Exotic for yourself.

the division 2 merciless v2


The Merciless is an Exotic rifle built of an AK variant. It’s talents make it very powerful for explosive damage builds, here’s what it comes with:

Binary Trigger

  • This weapon is equipped with a binary trigger that fires on trigger pull and release.

Guerrilla Warfare

  • Pulling the trigger fires primer rounds that stay embedded in an enemy. Releasing the trigger fires detonator rounds that detonate all primers on the enemy it hits.
  • Each primer detonated gains 75% damage per primer detonated.
  • Only one enemy can have primers and at most 5 primers can be embedded.


  • While holstered, landing a shot has a 5% chance to deal 20% damage as explosive damage.

If you’re looking for an inventive build than you can use this to make a very deadly explosive build by making the most of the right Division 2 brand sets and the Brutality holstered talent. As for how to get The Division 2 Merciless Exotic rifle, you can get it by farming missions with a named Hyena boss at the end. The higher the difficulty you play these at the more loot drops you’ll get, thus the more likely it is that you’ll grab this Exotic.

the division 2 chatterbox

The Chatterbox

This is by far the best Division 2 Exotic in the game thanks to its solid damage stats and Blabbermouth holstered talent. Here are all the Chatterbox talents:

Incessant Chatter

  • Every shot landed grants 1% rate of fire to a max of 60%. This resets on reload.

Box Magazine

  • Kills with this weapon refill 20% of its magazine and grants a buff for 10 seconds.
  • While the buff is active, every shot landed increases magazine capacity by 1 to a max of 60. Killing a target consumes the buff to fully refill the increased magazine.


  • While holstered, reloading your weapon within 5 seconds after a kill grants 20% rate of fire for 10 seconds.

Blabbermouth makes this one of the best PvP weapons in the game, as one kill massively buffs your DPS allowing you to chain kills together and wipe squads with the right build backing you up. Here’s how to unlock The Division 2 Chatterbox Exotic SMG – it’s a little complicated so you’ll want our help.

The division 2 deagle

Kendra’s Liberty

Grinding this Exotic D50 will drive you insane as it all relies on getting a very rare high-end D50 to drop – sidearm drops are the rarest and there’s no reliable way of getting this weapon. But the talents make this an excellent pocket Exotic, here they are:


  • Gain 100% damage to hostile electronics.
  • While aiming, enemy weak points and hostile electronics are highlighted.

Blind Justice

  • After destroying an enemy’s weak point or hostile electronics, your next bullet deals 500% weapon damage. If that shot kills an enemy, your magazine is refilled and grants 100% weapon damage for the entire magazine.


  • While holstered, destroying weakpoints refills 20% of your current weapon’s magazine.

The holstered talent can allow you to constantly refill your mags provided you can hit weakpoints reliably, which is especially effective with a weapon like the M60. Here’s how to get The Division 2 Kendra’s Liberty Exotic D50.


A bandanna-clad SPAS-12 shotgun, the Lullaby is available to you if you pre-ordered The Division 2 or if you pick up the Capital Defender pack.

The Lullaby may look like it’s held together by duct tape, but its perks appear more than stable. Its namesake perk ‘Lullaby’ will give you an armour boost of 35% should you land a melee after swapping to the shotgun. It also has a perk called ‘Evasive’, which will grant you a reload of 1% of your magazine when you dodge with this weapon equipped – that’s one shell, which might save your life in a pinch.

This is the starter version of the Sweet Dreams, we don’t recommend picking this one up.

the division 2 ruthless rifle


The Ruthless Exotic is a rifle that comes with the ‘Binary Trigger’ perk, which means the weapon will fire when you click your mouse in and when you release it, too. It also comes with the ‘Brutality’ perk that means landing a shot has a 5% chance to deal 20% damage as explosive damage.

The Ruthless is available to anyone who has pre-ordered the The Division 2 Ultimate Edition. This is the starter version of the Merciless Exotic, so it’s not worth trying to find this anywhere online.


Eagle Bearer

This Exotic assault rifle turns into a bit a bullet hose thanks to the way its talents combine, but the only way you can currently get it is from the Dark Hours raid. But, if the RNG gods smile on you, Eagle Bearer will be yours.

Eagle’s Strike

  • Accuracy increases as you continuously fire, up to +100%
  • Headshot kills grant +100% Reload Speed, +35% Damage, and Tenacity is buffed for 10 seconds
  • The strength of Tenacity is increased by 1% for body shots and 5% for headshots


  • 20-80% of damage taken is delayed until the buff expires

Protected Fire

  • While holstered, gain 10% bonus armor while firing your current weapon

As to how to get this Exotic assault rifle, we have a full Division 2 Eagle Bearer Exotic guide that gets into the nitty-gritty. In short, you can fetch it from the raid’s loot chest, or pick it up as a reward from any of the bosses. The chance of it dropping, however, is by pure chance, so you may be at this one for quite a while.

Two agents in the Division 2

Division 2 Exotic armor

Sawyer’s Kneepads

Yup, you read that right – Exotic kneepads. Alongside protecting your kneecaps, these bulky boys are all about speed. You can get these by dropping a named Hyena boss, and you can improve those odds by doing it in an area that has a knee pad focus as the designated target loot. Here are the talents:

Short Circuit

  • Catch a 80% increase to your jammer pulse charge speed

First-Wave Tech

  • Disruption effects destroy hostile skill proxies
  • Pick up the Lead by Example buff by staying in cover for four seconds

Lead by Example

  • Pick up a 50% armor bonus when going from cover-to-cover. If you cover 8m, you’ll disrupt all enemies within 10m and even gain 10% (4% in PvP) bonus armor for each defensive attribute for four seconds.

Dodge City Gunslinger’s Holster

The handy thing with this holster is that you can get it by completing a quest, so there’s no RNG involved here. Once you do unlock it, however, there is a chance it’ll drop from random encounters. So don’t worry if you, er, misplace it. Simply head to the blueprint vendor in the Base of Operations and purchase the Go West, Young Agent mission. The talents are as follows:

Sleight of Hand (requires a pistol to work)

  • +20% Accuracy
  • +20% Stability
  • +40% Reload Speed
  • +400% Optimal Range
  • +20% Revolver Damage

Quick Draw

  • Reload all of your weapons by swapping your pistol


  • Penetrate enemy armor with each shot from your pistol
  • Pick up a 20% boost to weapon damage if you get a headshot kill. You’ll also be able to penetrate enemy armor for eight seconds with your primary and secondary weapon – though it’s 11 seconds if you’re using a revolver

BTSU Datagloves

These tech-y garments are something you’ll want to look out for if you’re making a Division 2 build around skills. They can be a bit of a grind to get, sadly. The most popular strategy is running the Camp White Oak mission and hoping RNG-esus smiles upon thee. Here are the talents:

Elemental Gadgetry

  • Pick up an additional 50% status effect duration and another 50% skill haste on skills that apply status effects

Energy Infusion

  • Apply a status effect and your gloves will share that effect for 60 seconds
  • While infused, you’ll also get a 10% boost to skill damage, skill healing, and repair for each utility on your gear

Charged Proxies

  • Toss a skill and it’ll create an explosion that applies the infused status effect to enemies within 6m – those enemies will also take 50% more damage from your skills

And there you have it, The Division 2 Exotic weapons and armor as we know them so far.

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A great deal of these Exotics won’t become known to you until you reach the end game, sure, but it’s exciting to see Ubisoft imbue its Exotic weapons with a post-apocalyptic personality to make them stand out visually from the standard issue weapon.