The Division 2 Specializations guide: all signature weapons and skill trees

The Division 2 Specializations give you plenty to grind for after hitting max level - here’s everything you need to know

the division 2 specializations

The Division 2 Specializations aim to right some of the significant wrongs with endgame progression in the first Division, by providing players with additional unlock paths to work through after hitting max level.

Key to these The Division 2 Specializations are signature weapons, which serve a similar purpose to that of Destiny 2’s power weapons, offering massive damage with the caveat of limited ammunition. When you hit max level in The Division 2 you’ll have the option of picking a signature weapon – sniper rifle, crossbow, or grenade launcher, to name a few – and then using it to unlock additional mods and stat bonuses.

Unlike with traditional class choices, you aren’t locked into your chosen The Division 2 Specialization and can switch between the different endgame classes at any point, retaining any progress you made. So if you decide that the Sharpshooter’s hard-hitting signature sniper rifle isn’t for you then you can easily switch over to the Demolitionist’s grenade launcher. In an effort to ensure you’re as prepared, we’ve pooled together every detail about The Division 2 Specializations, signature weapons, and endgame progression.

The Division 2 Specializations are

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How to unlock Specializations in The Division 2

In order to unlock any of these endgame classes you will need to have reached the max level cap of 30 and finished the campaign of The Division 2.

The Division 2 Specializations

We now know almost everything there is to know about the three The Division 2 Specializations, including what skill, weapon, and other modifiers each of these endgame classes will bestow on players. Here are the signature weapons for each class and how they work, plus the (nearly) complete progression trees for each one.

the division 2 sharpshooter


Signature weapon: TAC-50 C Rifle

Fun fact: this sniper rifle can penetrate multiple targets with a single shot, so take some time to line up the perfect shot and bring down two birds with one stone. This long-range behemoth can also stagger heavily armoured targets.

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Here’s the official description for the Sharpshooter Specialization. “A Specialization for Agents looking at taking their targets out, without them ever realizing what hit them. Sharpshooters can change the tide of a battle from afar using a powerful sniper rifle as their signature weapon.”

Here’s the full list of modifiers that you can access via The Division 2 Sharpshooter Specialization (thanks The Division Zone):

General Modifiers

  • One In The Head
    +25% headshot damage
  • Deft Hands
    +30% increased reload speed
  • Breath Control
    30% weapon stability and reduced recoil
  • My Home Is My Castle
    Increased armor while in cover
  • Vital Protection
    Reduce the chance you are critically hit in conflict by 20%
  • Sharpshooter Tactical Link
    Group members gain +10% headshot damage when they are closer to the target than you

Weapon Modifiers

  • Flashbang Grenade
    The flashbang grenade blinds enemies
  • Sharpshooter 93R
    A three round burst 93R
  • Gunslinger
    +10% increased sidearm damage
  • Signature Weapon Damage
    +145% increased signature weapon damage
  • This is My Rifle
    +15% increased rifle damage
  • Digital Scope
    Digital scope for bigger distances

Skill Modifiers

  • Tactician
    The tactician drone marks enemies for all group members
  • Graphene Battery
  • Carbon Fiber Frame


  • X-Stat Armor Kit-Supplementary
    Armor kits repair 50% less, but remove status effects and increase bleed, burn and hazard resistances for 20 seconds
  • .50 Caliber Ammo Acquisition
    Headshot kills drop signature weapon ammo, except for kills with the TAC-50 C Rifle
  • Group Signature Ammo Supply
    Kills with the signature weapon have a chance to drop signature weapon ammo for all group or raid members
  • Round After Round
    Receive 5 ammo per 10 seconds for your rifles after 20 seconds in cover
  • Marksman Uniform
    An outfit for the Sharpshooter

the division 2 survivalist


Signature weapon: Explosive Tipped Crossbow

This isn’t just any ordinary crossbow, the Survivalist’s signature weapon uses explosive-tipped bolts allowing you to carefully place a package of high explosives from a safe distance. These bolts are ideal against tanky enemies and will rend their armour with ease.

Here’s the official description for The Division 2 Survivalist. “Desperate times ask for desperate measures. Survivalists can control their surroundings using traps and status effects. They are equipped with a precision crossbow as their signature weapon to take their targets down, even in the harshest of environments.”

And here’s the full progression tree for The Division 2 Survivalist Specialization:

General Modifiers

  • Elite Defense
    +20% protection from elites
  • Triage Specialist
    +25% increased healing from team members
  • Crunch Time
    10% cooldown reduction when in cover
  • Vital Protection
    Reduce the chance you are critically hit in conflict by 20%
  • Survivalist Tactical Link
    Group members gain +10% damage to targets with status effects

Weapon Modifiers

  • Incendiary Grenade
    The incendiary grenade ignites enemies
  • Survivalist D50
    A .44 Magnum Revolver with optical attachment slot
  • Gunslinger
    +10% increased sidearm damage
  • Signature Weapon Damage
    +145% increased signature weapon damage
  • Running The Gun
    +15% increased shotgun damage
  • E.M.I.
    +15% increased assault rifle damage
  • Infantry 5.56 Mag
    Special magazine for 5.56 assault rifles

Skill Modifiers

  • Flicker
    The flicker seeker mine follows allies and repairs armor
  • Magnetic Disc
    Mod to reduce seeker mine cooldown
  • Larrea Tridentata Infusion
    Mod to increase the healing of the seeker mine


  • Distributed Repair
    Armor kits now repair over 5 seconds instead of instantly, but the repair effect now also applies to team members within a radius of 10 meters
  • Explosive Bolt Acquisition
    Status effect kills drop signature weapon ammo
  • Group Signature Ammo Supply
    Multi-Kills of status affected enemies grant a chance to gain signature weapon ammo to all group or raid members
  • Scraping By
    Receive 5 ammo per second for your current weapon when moving from cover to cover while in combat
  • Survivalist Uniform
    An outfit for the Survivalist

the division 2 grenade launcher


Signature weapon: M32A1 Multi-shot Grenade Launcher

There’s really not much to say about this grenade launcher: fire it in the general vicinity of your problems and watch as they’re engulfed in flames and torn asunder. The mods and stat boosts you’ll get from the Demolitionist Specialization will make your explosions bigger and more dangerous.

The Demolitionist Specialization skill tree has been revealed and offers a bevy of handy modifiers, plus the odd bit of unique gear. Here’s a full list:

General Modifiers

  • Incombustible
    20% more burn resistance
  • Explosive Ordinance
    +25% explosive damage
  • Vital Protection
    Reduce incoming critical chance by 20%
  • Demolitionist Tactical Link
    Group members get 5% damage buff against targets out of cover

Weapon Modifiers

  • Frag Grenade
    New grenade that cause bleed damage
  • Diceros Special
    Access to a Magnum revolver
  • Gunslinger
    +10% sidearm damage
  • Signature Weapon Damage
    +145% signature weapon damage
  • Spray and Pray
    +15% SMG damage
  • Onslaught
    +15% LMG damage
  • Small Laser Pointer
    A new underbarrel attachment

Skill Modifiers

  • Artillery Turret
    A new skill variant for your turret skill
  • Cyclone Magazine
    Increase turret ammo
  • SHD CPU V2
    Increase turret damage


  • X-Stat Armor Kit
    Heals 70% damage, boosts weapon handling by 100% for 15 seconds, after those 15 seconds, heals another 30%
  • 40mm Grenade Acquisition
    Kills with thrown explosive yield signature weapon drops
  • Group Signature Ammo Supply
    Explosive multikills have chance to yield Signature ammo for whole group
  • Crisis Response
    Refills ammo when armor drops to 0
  • Braced For Impact
    Ignore an explosive once every 60 seconds
  • Demolitionist Uniform
    Unique outfit

Here’s what Ubi say about the Demolitionist Specialization. “Sometimes stealth is just not an option. Demolitionists are agents of chaos, focusing on disrupting enemy plans and entrenched positions using a grenade launcher as their signature weapon.”

division 2 specialization minigun


Signature weapon: Minigun

The perk on this one is called A Good Offence, and it means you get bonus armour for each bullet in your signature weapon. It only goes as high as 50%, though. Each bullet hit restores 1% armour.

If you’re looking to get access to this specialization, you’ll need to complete five stages of Field Research. Thankfully, this isn’t as much of a grind anymore as Ubisoft has chopped it down. That said, if you have the year one pass, then you’ll already have this and no grinding will be required this time around. Here’s what you can unlock in the skill tree.


  • Incessant
    Kills grant 5% armour on kill
  • Coupler
    Every reload is 50% faster
  • Hardened Armour Kits
    Armour kits repair 100% and grant 50% bonus armour for 10 seconds
  • 7.62 Minigun Ammo Acquisition
    Kill multiple enemies without releasing the trigger to add three rounds to the ammo bar
  • Group Signature Ammo Acquisition
    Kill multiple enemies without releasing the trigger adds one to a group member’s ammo bar
  • Signature Weapon Damage
    10% damage increase to signature weapon


  • Depleted Rounds
    5% increase to Marksman rifle damage
  • This is my Rifle
    Rifle damage boosted by 5%
  • E.M.I
    5% increase to assault rifle damage
  • Onslaught
    Light machine gun damages goes up 5%
  • Running the Gun
    Pick up a 5% boost to your shotgun
  • Spray and Pray
    Submachine gun damage increases by 5%
  • Gunslinger
    Sidearm damage increases by 5%


  • Banshee
    Launches a forward arc that confuses enemies
  • Microwave Amplifier
    Mod that increases the duration of the Banshee effect
  • Directional transmitter
    Mod that boosts the range of the Banshee effect


  • Riot Foam Grenade
    This grenade ensnares enemies
  • P320X Compact
    9mm service pistol that’s, well, compact
  • Supply Line
    Generate 10% of your total ammo capacity, every 60 seconds party members recover 5%
  • Barrage
    Rate of fire increases by 5% on each kill for five seconds
  • Emplacement
    20% weapon handling while not moving, but you need to be motionless for one second for it to take effect
  • Vital Protection
    Reduces your chances of getting critically hit by 20%

The Technician specialization in the Division 2


Signature Weapon: P-017 Launcher

This one fires small rockets, and thanks to the Guided Missiles talent, the explosive warheads will track your foes. Here’s the skill tree:


  • Amped
    +10% skill power
  • Dismantling
    +5% damage to drones, skill proxies and robotics
  • Emergency patch
    Armour kit also applies to all friendly skill proxies within 10m
  • Signature Weapon Damage
    10% increased signature weapon damage


  • Depleted Rounds
    5% increase to Marksman rifle damage
  • This is my Rifle
    Rifle damage boosted by 5%
  • E.M.I
    5% increase to assault rifle damage
  • Onslaught
    Light machine gun damages goes up 5%
  • Running the Gun
    Pick up a 5% boost to your shotgun
  • Spray and Pray
    Submachine gun damage increases by 5%
  • Gunslinger
    Sidearm damage increases by 5%


  • Artificer
    Sends out micro electro-booster drones that expand themselves to increase allied skills efficiency and refresh their duration
  • Upgraded Sensor Package
    Increases the radius of the hive skill
  • Liquid cooling
    Boosts the recovery rate of the skill


  • Maxim-9 pistol
    A solid pistol with a large ammo clip and low recoil
  • EMP Grenade
    Applies disrupt to all electrical items caught within the area
  • Faraday Field
    Party members within 5m of your deployed and un-disrupted skills are immune to shock and disruption
  • Technomancy
    Equipping a skill grants 15% bonus armour. When a skill dies you’ll recover 20% armour to compensate
  • Vital Protection
    +50% pulse resistance
  • Overclocked CPU
    +10% skill damage
  • Enhanced Diagnostics
    10% skill healing

new pc games The Division 2


Signature Weapon: K8-JetStream Flamethrower
No prizes for guessing what this one does. It’s talent is called High-Octane gasoline mixture, and it involves a “custom gasoline mixture” firing off in an 15m arc


  • Enriched Magnesium Formula
    Additional 10% burn duration
  • Frontline Recovery
    Get 30% of your health back after each kill
  • Extracellular Matrix Mesh
    Your armour kit recovers 200%, er, armour and 200% health over 10 seconds


  • Signature Weapon Damage
    10% more damage for your signature weapon
  • Firewall Ammo Acquisition
    Killing enemies within 10m adds three to the ammo bar (excluding the specialised weapon)


  • Striker
    Modified version of the Crusader shield that allows you to use the K8 alongside the usual slew of guns. It also provides a buff to user and allies behind the shield that buffs their damage depending on how many people are behind the shield
  • Shock Hardened Frame
    Increases the health of your shield skill
  • Macromolecular Coverings
    Increase the regeneration rate of the shield skill


  • Firestarter
    Shotgun that makes foes more flammable
  • Cluster Grenade
    Toss down a grenade that bursts into smaller grenades
  • Firewall Tactical Link
    Allies deal 10% more damage to foes within 10m
  • Fiery response
    Apply burn to enemies within 5m on armour break
  • Bull rush
    Pick up 50% more armour while moving from cover to cover

And there you have it, all the Division 2 Specializations that we know of. They are, of course, an involving thing that will grow and be tweaked as the game rumbles on. If more are added to the game, we’ll be sure to add them in here.