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The Division 2 specializations let you progress past the level cap

the division 2 specializations

The Division 2 will have specialisations to help you carry on to new types of progress once you hit the level cap. The game as a whole is putting a big emphasis on late-game content, addressing one of the key complaints about the original, and the new specialization system is just one piece of the puzzle.

These specializations are meant to add an extra layer and new dimension to the endgame. Essentially, when you hit the level cap of 30 you can choose a specialization for your character, including titles like sharpshooter, demolitionist, or survivalist. These options each offer their own progression paths, with unique new unlocks offered on each path.

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The first part of your specialized growth is a signature weapon. For demolitionists, that means a grenade launcher. For sharpshooters, it’s a .50 caliber sniper rifle that’s able to penetrate through multiple enemies.

You’re not done once you’ve fully leveled up a specialization, either, as you can select new specializations as you go, upgrading one and then continuing to work toward new options for further progress.

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The Ubisoft press conference brought plenty of further news for The Division 2, as well. The game will have raids to further help that end-game content, as well as three big pieces of DLC in its first year – all of which is slated to be free. You can find out plenty more details in our full feature, including The Division 2 release date, slated for March of next year.