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The Division gets release date, and monstrous “Dark Zone” betrayal mechanics

The division trailer still

The Division has looked like a gorgeous and evocative multiplayer shooter since it debuted, but today at their E3 presser, Ubisoft revealed the depths of betrayal and cruelty to which players will be able to descend in the game’s newly-revealed “Dark Zone”.

Think of the Dark Zone as null sec in EVE: a place of anarchy and treachery, even among groups of friends.

The Dark Zone is a stretch of territory running through central Manhattan, and judging from the gameplay video Ubisoft showed, it’s a place where groups of players are not necessarily all on each other’s side. In fact, if you party up with some high-level randoms with good gear, there’s nothing to stop you from fragging them at the end of a mission and stealing all their stuff.

As we see from the bleak little morality play of the newest Division trailer.

I love that the bad guys the group encounters were a bunch of dudes taking selfies. That’s just what I’d do after the apocalypse. But of course, they weren’t the real villains of the story. You see, man is the real monster!

Anyway, The Division also, finally, has a release date: March 8. 2016. According to Ubisoft, it will be available on all platforms simultaneously.