The Division trailer shows new footage, interviews community members who’ve gone hands on


The Division’s delayed beta means we haven’t got as many public opinions on it as we expected, and with the March release date quickly approaching we’re running out of time for official previews. Massive’s latest trailer has some new shots of the game, as well as opinions from some community members who were invited to play the game at the HQ.

Is The Division your most anticipated upcoming PC game?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a group of fans invited to play the game before their peers and filmed for feedback are mostly really positive in a publically released marketing video:

Shocking, I know. There are some brief, interesting glimpses into things I’m excited by, though. The mention of decent AI, for example, which I think will be vital for keeping the feel of the world intact. It’s meant to be deadly and cold, merciless and unforgiving – that’s a little harder to believe if everyone you’re shooting at is too dumb to open a door. There aren’t a lot of MMOs like The Division, but AI isn’t even how I’d describe the scripts that run enemy behaviour in most that I’ve played, so it will make a good change.

The ease of joining up with other players caught my eye too. As much as I hate to bring up the most obvious example, Dark Souls’ drop-in multiplayer is my favourite thing about it. No need for communication or awkward menus, just immediate, jolly cooperation against the never-ending bad guys.

Massive have also released this video, teasing something happening tomorrow:

There’s no info out there on what it might be, and with the Xbox Alpha already over and a date set for the beta those are ruled out as possibilities. Likely an info dump, but what of remains to be seen.