Orsinium is The Elder Scrolls Online’s next piece of DLC, and it’s full of Orcs

The Elder Scrolls Online Orsinium

The Elder Scrolls Online’s beefy Orcs are getting a new home in the upcoming Orsinium DLC. It’s their old home, really – their ancestral one – but they’re doing a wee bit of renovating, inviting adventurers to lend a hand and, of course, fighting a war. 

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Orsinium hasn’t been in an Elder Scrolls game since Dragonfall, and it likely looks a bit different now. But it’s cold, it’s full of orcs and there are lots of people and monsters trying to stop the city from being rebuilt – sounds like a hoot.

The city is situated in a new zone, the mountains of Wrothgar, which you’ll be able to explore between assisting the Orcs in defending and rebuilding the city and fighting in the Maelstrom Arena, a new solo arena challenge.

As you work through your quest log and do lots of lovely and heroic deeds in Orsinium and the mountains, you’ll be able to see your efforts pay off as the city itself starts to grow and be rebuilt.

Orsinium launches on November 2nd, and it will be free for ESO Plus members and 3,000 crowns for everyone else.

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