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Elder Scrolls Online’s Halloween event returns the Witches Festival to Tamriel

The Eldar Scrolls Online

It’s the spooky time, in case you’ve missed various updates across the world of gaming. Halloween has come to various games and now vists Elder Scrolls Online with the Witchest Festival. In-universe all the world’s more sinister sorcerers will be coming out of the woodwork to perform deadly rituals. For players, that means you can turn yours or one of your party into an Undead, giving various bonuses.

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The most basic increase is a 100% boost to XP received while a member of the living dead, so get out there and quest. For those that are beyond the need for XP, you’ll have a chance to loot skulls that can be cracked open for “goodies.” Rather than brain matter and the odd chip of bone, this means masks, special recipes and a special crafting motif.

To do so, players go to the Crown Store and get a free crow caller. This gives a quest that, once completed, provides a summonable cauldron to transform yourself. The buff lasts two hours but can be reapplied at will until the event finishes on November 1.

In the meantime, there’s also an Elder Scrolls Online competition going on to win a “trip of a lifetime” as part of their One Tamriel update. All the deets for that on the dedicated page.