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Elder Scrolls Online marks anniversary of its first expansion with 50% discount

The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial City

It’s not often you hear about developers celebrating the anniversary of an expansion, but then The Elder Scrolls Online only came into its own after its rocky release. So to mark that sort of important date, Bethesda are discounting the Imperial City DLC by 50% for a week, ending 3pm BST on September 6.

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A Collector’s Bundle for the Imperial City DLC will also be available to buy during the same period, which adds the Mind Shriven Horse and Mind Shriven Skin - both were only available to buy in the Crown Store for a short period when the DLC first launched - a Daedrat pet and five Crown Experience Scrolls.

The main draw however is the return of certain timed exclusives that were initially only available during the DLC’s launch. Drop rates for some of these items have also been temporarily doubled, including the Stonefire Scamp pet, Tel Var stones and the Soul-Shriven skin. So this is the perfect opportunity to jump back into the Imperial City if you missed out on your first time around.

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nu1mlock avatar
nu1mlock Avatar
1 Year ago

I really wanted to like Elder Scrolls Online but I just can't. I've always wanted to play an Elder Scrolls game with friends and I talked a lot with a friend about how Skyrim should have let him (or me) play as the follower - we wouldn't even care about not being Dragonborn.

Then came Elder Scrolls Online and I bought us both a copy. However, its combat felt lacking, non-responsive and simply not fun. Especially when I just came from playing with a bow in Skyrim and them picked up a bow in Elder Scrolls Online.

Heck, power shots weren't worth it, it had higher dps by simply shooting off arrow after arrow without even drawing the string properly. Not to mention the inability to properly aim with the bow.

You didn't even have to aim AT the enemies! As long as you aimed close enough to it, you'd hit. And forget about those nice headshots from Skyrim.

Oh, and the co-op was awful. We always did quests together. Sometimes stuff counted towards us both, sometimes didn't. And some dungeons suddenly made us invisible to each other as if we got into different instances but we could still see each others names hovering in the air.

No, Elder Scrolls Online was far from what we were hoping it to be. Hopefully the Tamriel Online mod will work properly eventually so we can just play Skyrim together instead.