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An Elder Scrolls Online teaser (nearly) confirms those Khajiit datamines

An interactive livestream last night offers more hints about the cat-like Khajiit


Update, January 10: An Elder Scrolls Online teaser confirms that the Khajiit will play a major role in the next expansion.

Yesterday, Bethesda hosted an interactive stream for The Elder Scrolls Online, backing up claims from dataminers that the game’s next expansion will take place in the Khajiit homeland of Elsweyr. A brief teaser towards the end of the five-hour stream offered a brief glimpse at some feline characters, as well as explaining the mysterious stone tablets that some members of the community received this week.

The stream, which we’ll embed towards the bottom of this article, required players to click the screen to fill up a progress bar. It took several hours, but just ahead of the five-hour mark, the screen gave way for the briefest of teaser trailers.

The trailer sees an adventure uncovering a stone tablet that’s been split in two, before the camera moves to a hooded Khajiit. The two halves of the tablet then begin to glow and seem to be merging back together, and the trailer ends with the cat-like companion looking panicked.

The teaser offers little information, but it does somewhat corroborate claims that the next Elder Scrolls Online expansion will take place in the Khajiit homeland. It also explains a stone tablet and handwritten letter that was received by several members of the ESO community earlier this week. You can check the teaser out for yourself at the 4:53:45 mark.

Watch The Tablet from Bethesda on www.twitch.tv

The letter reads “Adventurer, I have followed your progress with interest and deemed you worthy of rendering assistance. Knowledge has come into my possession that will help me end the misguided Three Banners War and restore peace to Tamriel. You shall accompany me. Be ready to answer my summons. And answer it quickly… I hate to be kept waiting.” It’s not clear exactly what Abnur’s getting at, but the fact that he’s involved at all is quite confusing given what else we know about the new content.

My best guess – and this is purely speculation – is that Tharn is somehow involved in the year-long war against the Dragons mentioned in the original datamine. That would explain the tablet and the cryptic nature of the letter, without going against what’s been uncovered about Elsweyr.

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Whatever’s about to happen, we’ll probably find out next week. There’s a second announcement stream is set for 17:00 EST/22:00 GMT on January 15, so hopefully everything will fall into place then.