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Bethesda teams up with The Cat Rescue Foundation to find homes for real-life Khajiit

Bethesda ANZ is launching an initiative on Twitter with a cat rescue charity to re-home cats

Following the release of The Elder Scrolls Online expansion Elsweyr, and the feline-race feats and fun it brought to the world of Tamriel, it looks like some real-life Khajiits might be getting their own time in the sun. Elder Scrolls developer Bethesda is helping to find stray cats in Australia and New Zealand a home.

As reported by CheckPointGaming.net, Bethesda ANZ has kicked off an initiative in partnership with The Cat Adoption Foundation to find some homeless Khajiit Alfiqs – you know, the ones that look just like domestic cats, but sporting some awesome headwear – their forever homes. The way it works is simple – on each Friday for eight weeks the Bethesda ANZ Twitter channel will post a particular puss’ profile to help them, and many others, find new homes.

For example, this week’s furry friend – or “Alfiq of the week” – is Precious. Bethesda ANZ’s tweet says “the Khajiit are a fine and proud race. We do not see the harm in seeking assistance, especially if it is for one of our own. Take this scholarly Alfiq Precious, 2.5 years old, located in Adelaide & ready to find her furever home.”

Just like the Alfiq of Elsweyr, the non-Tamriel-based cats of our world highlighted in the initiative will offer their own very special traits – and will often have seen some hardship out in the wild streets too. No doubt we’ll see some wonderful examples of the noble feline race in the next eight weeks – and hopefully some successful adoptions too.

According to CheckPoint, the Alfiqs of the week will hail from cat rescue centres around New Zealand and Australia, with another called Little Legs Dog and Cat Rescue, based in Greater Brisbane, Queensland, coming on board soon.

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If you’re based in Australia or New Zealand and the idea of welcoming a real-life Khajiit Alfiq into your home interests you, keep an eye out for Bethesda ANZ’s weekly tweets or head over to The Cat Adoption Foundation for more information. Who knows, perhaps fortune will smile upon your meeting.