The Elder Scrolls Online update introduces muggable NPCs, fans rejoice

The Elder Scrolls Online

Players of The Elder Scrolls Online have been celebrating the transformative effects of Update 6, which added a slew of changes to the MMO. I wrote about how the update affects the way your pockets work, but it turns out that was the least exciting thing about it.

Nope, the best thing is the mugging (technically still pocket related). NPCs can now be attacked, murdered, mugged and abused using The Elder Scrolls Online’s brand spunking new Justice system. Players are loving it. NPCs not so much.

The Justice system brings a degree of criminality to Tamriel’s streets, allowing players to become wanted criminals by sneaking and stabbing and swiping and schmoozing. Guards will now chase you down and punish you for your crimes, as long as somebody spotted you doing the dirty.

There’s also the new Champion system, which allows Veteran ranked players to earn piles of Champion points that can be invested in a passive abilities and the like.

Also that thing I mentioned about the pockets.

Response to the update has been exceedingly positive over on the ESO subreddit, as well as on the official forum, As patches go it’s effortlessly furnished the MMO with a few genuinely impactful new systems.

Over on the official Elder Scrolls website you can find an introductory guide to stealing things from strangers.