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Skyrim mod lets you virtually handle the pain of rejection

The ‘Immersive Rejections’ Skyrim mod lets you virtually handle the pain of rejection with around 100 voiced responses to turn down marriage proposals

Skyrim mod allows NPC marriage rejections: an NPC glares at the player

If you’ve ever struggled with the pain of rejection, a new Skyrim mod allows you to tackle the fear of being turned down head-on in a virtual safe space. The ‘Immersive Rejections’ mod from jayserpa adds ‘around 100 new voice lines’ to Bethesda’s open-world RPG game that NPCs will use if you pop the question to someone who doesn’t feel quite the same way about you.

Mod creator jayserpa explains that they have not changed the standard conditions to ask someone for their hand in marriage, which requires wearing the amulet of Mara from a Priest in Riften and performing a task to win their favour. Instead, the mod adds the ability to ask NPCs if they are interested in the player at any time while wearing the amulet – regardless of if they will currently (or ever) be interested in accepting.

By default, Skyrim doesn’t allow you to express your marital desires to someone unless they’re already in a position to accept, so this mod should introduce a little more suspense into the process. As jayserpa notes, “The mod does not modify which NPCs say yes or when the NPCs say yes, it only adds content for all the times where they wouldn’t be able to say anything.”

The voice lines span across 50 different voice types, meaning pretty much every voice featured in the fifth Elder Scrolls game is covered. There’s also some variety to the severity of responses depending on an NPC’s disposition towards the player. Some characters will turn you down with a simple “no” or “I’m not interested,” while others may burst out in laughter or tell you that you’re embarrassing yourself.

You can put the magic question to any compatible NPC regardless of gender, race, or species – you can even try your luck with the mountain-dwelling dragon Paarthurnax, if you so wish.

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