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Block arrows - Witcher 3-style - with this Skyrim mod

This new Skyrim mod lets you block arrows and magic projectiles with your sword

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Tired of taking endless arrows to the knee? Or face? Or everywhere, for that matter? A new mod for Skyrim may help, and brings in one of the coolest skills from the Witcher 3 – blocking arrows (and magic) with your sword or shield.

The ArrowBlock (Real Deflect Arrow) SSE mod, by creator acone93, gives you the power to stop incoming arrows and magic power projectiles in their tracks with a custom ‘blockhit’ animation, keeping your handcrafted Stalhrim armour looking shiny and new. The creator has even added a ‘blockhit sound’ to recreate the victorious metallic clang of a sneaky arrow ricocheting away from your sword.

Similarly, the magic deflection adds a really special feature to the game, allowing you to raise your sword against a Draugr Deathlord’s Fus Ro Dah and let it pass by you with a satisfying whoosh, leaving you unharmed. Fus Ro Nah.

The new ability is heavily reminiscent of Geralt’s Arrow Deflection skill in the Witcher 3, which is available at tier 1 of the combat skill tree, and lets you ping incoming arrows back into the air like you just don’t care. All the mod’s special new blocking will cost your Dragonborn is a measly 10 stamina points. What a steal.

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Feeling tempted? See the arrow averting action in a video from the original mod’s page below:

YouTube Thumbnail

The mod is available for both Skyrim Special Edition and the original (you can find the link to the original on the SSE mod’s page), and it looks easy enough to install. Just make sure to follow the instructions on the page to get Dovakiihning Geralt of Rivia style. Ahh, feel that arrow-free-knee goodness.