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Hare about with this Skyrim mod that adds a rabbit companion

This Skyrim mod adds a battle-ready rabbit companion to your game

Have you ever been out plundering treasure-laden caves or fending off hordes of Draugr in Skyrim, only to think that a souped-up rabbit companion would make the whole thing just a bit better? If not, you probably should. A battle-ready bunny mod has just ported to Skyrim Special Edition – and he is the companion you never knew you needed.

The Dovahbit of Caerbannog Special Edition mod, by creator Mickyan on Nexus Mods, is described as the “ultimate support pet” – “a small, unobtrusive, and adorable utility follower with useful abilities and able to wear helmets”. Sir Dovahbit is, as described, a follower worthy of the Dragonborn, who can adorn his head from a selection of over twenty helmets and hats – one of these, the iconic Dragonborn iron helmet. Y’know, with the horns. On a little rabbit.

If sneaking and stealing are your thing, he is the follower for you. He has a number of cool features, such as a high stealth rating and aversion to initiating combat, so he can lure enemies for you to take out on the sly (apparently, he won’t mind). As long as you don’t let the good folk of Skyrim catch sight, he’ll even pilfer things for you if ordered.

Sure, he hops off during combat to leave you to it, but you know he’d only make you look bad. Besides, as the creator says, “he knows you can handle it and doesn’t want to ruin your fun”.

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Other bonuses include a magical satchel to store all your loot, ill-gotten or otherwise, plus an ability to harvest five times the amount of alchemy ingredients you normally would from a single source. He’s also an animal companion, so you can take another, fightier follower with you if you really want. Even Lydia – she is sworn to carry your burdens, after all.

If you feel like hitting the jack(rabbit) pot, head over to the mod’s page (or Mickyan’s original for regular Skyrim) and grab yourself a bunny-shaped buddy. He’ll be waiting in Farengar’s Study at Dragonsreach for you.